RDM VISITS: Laser Clinics Australia Top Ryde + RDM DISCOUNT!

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by Jessica Matthews

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to the new Laser Clinics Australia Top Ryde to trial a few services they have on offer. What a treat. Owned by husband and wife duo, Jaclyn & Brock, it’s located inside Top Ryde City Shopping Centre on level LG2 (opposite Kmart & the small sushi bar). They also own Laser Clinics Australia at Drummoyne so you can rest assured you are in very experienced hands when you visit.

During my visit, I found their team to be very professional (even with those awkward laser hair removal areas, you know.. “down there”), super friendly and offer really great advice and recommendations. My consultant’s name was Shadi and she was LOVELY!

So what did I have done? I have had laser hair removal before but when I visited Laser Clinics Australia Top Ryde I tried something new. I was lucky enough to enjoy:

  • Consultation with their Cosmedic Specialist Ayesha to discuss all things injectable!
  • Laser hair removal for Brazilian, underarms and lower leg
  • Custom 5-step Microdermabrasion and LED light therapy treatment (this was tailored to my skin, my skin concerns and skin goals)


Microdermabrasion and LED light therapy

Let’s talk about the microdermabrasion because the first thing I wanted to know was “does it hurt!?”. Shadi, my therapist, assured me it wouldn’t and she wasn’t lying – it’s basically like a facial, I really enjoyed it! Not to mention for at least 4 days after my treatment, my skin still felt like silk and was nice and clear! She also cleaned out my pores out which hurt a little but I loved the result and would definitely have this done again. This simple diagram by Laser Clinics Australia  summarises the microdermabrasion process:

The LED treatment that followed basically involved a warm light a warm light being applied to my skin. It was so lovely that I actually started to fall asleep! The light works to deeply penetrate skin cells, triggering the lymphatic system which improves the removal of toxins from the treated area as well as increase wound healing, collagen induction, skin hydration and the overall health of the skin. That part lasted about 15 minutes.

Laser Hair Removal

In case you didn’t already know, laser works by directing concentrated light into the hair follicle inhibiting the hair’s ability to grow without disrupting or damaging the skin’s surface. Laser Clinics Australia’s lasers are safe enough to be used on any part of the body and target different skin types but still with great results. They use candela which is the most effective form of laser hair removal.

As for those don’t know what a Brazilian treatment is, it’s about addressing your hair “down there” – ALL OF IT! It can definitely feel awkward have a treatment like that done but the ladies made me feel very comfortable and their professionalism was second to none! And don’t worry ladies – you can also elect to bypass some areas if you prefer!

In regards to the pain factor, which is definitely what all first timers want to know about, I have to say it varies. Some parts don’t hurt at all, whereas other areas can sting a bit. I’ve found however, it hurts LESS than waxing overall, especially for the Brazilian area AND the results are working towards permanent hair removal! Also, if you have sensitive skin like me, I find laser is much kinder to my skin than waxing. If you are nervous, start with something easy like an underarm or lip. They are low-cost entry points and small areas!

After my treatment, I was given a sheet with tips and recommendations for the days/weeks following, including a recommendation to use Laser Aid by Skinstitut, which is available for purchase in their store. By using this I found I had ZERO issues with my skin, and had no sensitivity, lumps or bumps where the laser had been done.

Some top tips and FAQs for laser

  • Even dark skin tones and light brown hair can be treated with laser. They will assess your skin colour to ensure they book you in the correct machine.
  • Ensure you haven’t recently applied any fake tan or have a tan from the sun in the areas you’re wanting treated within 2 weeks leading up to your appointment.
  • You must shave the area the day before you come in or the effectiveness of the laser will be reduced.


Injectables are a hot topic in our Facebook group! So when I met with Ayesha, one of Laser Clinics Australias injectable specialists, I took the opportunity to get the scoop. Ayesha is a trained and registered nurse which is a requirement for anyone doing injectables.
Firstly, I loved how honest she was. I asked her what injectables she would use on me and rather than give me a long list, she said I didn’t really need anything! She said I could possibly benefit from a little filler around my eyes (crows feet area) but that there’s no rush on that at this time it would be best to continue to focus on the microdermabrasion and LED treatments to improve my skin.
I also learnt Laser Clinics Top Ryde offer 3 types of injectables – botox, dermal filler and micro filler. The process starts with a 15-minute consult about what they recommend for you – this is free to book. If you decide to go ahead with any of their recommendations, the time to get an injectable treatment done is around 15 minutes for botox, 30-60 minutes for dermal filler and 45 minutes for micro filler.
You can check our Ayesha’s work on Instagram and see some of her before and after photos of clients. She aims to offer treatments that look natural and enhance your features aka no barbie dolls here!


RDM Discount

Jaclyn & Brock from Laser Clinics Australia Top Ryde would like to extend the following offer to all Ryde District Mums who make a booking or prepay up to end of December 2019:
  • Further 10% off all promotional prices for Laser Hair Removal and Skin treatments (excluding add-ons and full body treatments)
  • 25% off all non-promotional prices for Laser Hair Removal and Skin treatments (excluding add-ons and full body treatments)
  • Complimentary LED treatment after having a complimentary consultation with the Cosmetic Specialist (LED value $69)

Simply mention that you’re a Ryde District Mum and they will roll out that red carpet for you ?

To ask your own questions or to contact them to make a booking, visit their website here or call them on 9051 2467.

While my treatment was complimentary, the thoughts and feelings in this article are entirely my own opinion.