I Named Her After My Perfect Midwife at Ryde Midwifery Group Practice

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By Xuejiao Yao


My name is Xuejiao YAO. I delivered my daughter Muyao Anna WANG at Ryde Hospital on 18/02/2018. I named her after my perfect Midwife Anna Hill Bragg. 

Anna was nice and gentle. The first time I saw Anna, she was like a sister who I hadn’t seen in a while. She also respected my culture as she preferred to call me with my Chinese name, not my English one, which made me feel comfortable. 

Anna was a caring, sincere, supportive, knowledgeable, and conscientious midwife. I enjoyed all antenatal cares with Anna. She boosted my confidence and brightened my life throughout the whole gestation as this was the first time I was going to deliver a baby in Australia and English was my second language. Every time I shared any health concerns I may have had with Anna, She was really patient about hearing them and explained them to me in detail. My need was to be heard. After the birth, she taught me a lot about newborn care which was helpful and useful in each visit. 

Additionally, when I had a premature birth sign during a regular prenatal visit, Anna transferred me to Royal North Shore Hospital quickly and timely and stayed with me for the entire time. Then she arranged some visits to ensure the safety of the fetus and me in the following days. I was moved a lot by this.

Finally, I would like to thank Martin. Thanks for so many warm, caring and professional phone calls from you after I got contractions. Thank you and Ali for delivering my daughter early in the morning on 18/02/2018. Many thanks for giving me so much help and looking after me so well. That was a great job! Well done! 

By the way, I highly recommend having a water birth, I enjoyed it a lot.

Thanks again to all lovely midwives at Ryde Hospital! I will remember such beautiful memories forever and keep them treasured in my heart!


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