Hello! We’re Jacqui and Jessica and we run Ryde District Mums.

We joined Club Motherhood in 2013 and realised mums are total legends. We couldn’t get enough of other mums so we started the Ryde District Mums Facebook group to ensure we could talk to other mums 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even while patting the baby off to sleep!

Fast forward to now and the Facebook group is now at 15000+ hilarious, kind and helpful members plus we’ve added a whole business side of the group to boot!

The business side started in 2015 when we realised that local businesses wanted to connect with RDMs but had nowhere permanent to house their information and offers. We set up a website, Instagram, Facebook PAGE, a fortnightly newsletter and started running events. Through these platforms, we share info about local events, business deals and offerings, personal stories from mums and “best of” things to do locally.

We’ve both lived in the area for about 15 years and absolutely love it! There’s so much happening each and every week, from events to new playground or café openings, to free activities for kids. We’re pretty much obsessed with overturning every hidden gem and nugget Ryde has to offer and we’ve loved sharing, and will continue to share it all with you right here! Thanks for visiting!

Who We Are

Jessica Matthews

Not only do I live in the area by so do my parents and grandparents – I feel like I know it so well! But there are so many hidden gems and new developments. I can’t wait to share with you and learn more.

Jacqui Owens

    Now that I have three kids, I’m getting to know our patch like never before. I love this area, being part of the community and being able to contribute to it through our online network.