Embracing Your Glow: 6 Self-Care Rituals for Busy Mums

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Whether you’re caring for a newborn, running around after a toddler or dealing with a frustrating teen (maybe even more than one), motherhood keeps you busy at all stages and it’s easy to forget to put time aside for yourself. Of course, it’s understandable (and admirable) that your kids are your priority, but you can’t be your best self in any situation if you’re not looking after yourself too. While this can seem impossible, there are some small but substantial ways you can carve out time to focus on your needs. We know you’re busy, so we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up six realistic self-care rituals so you can get stuck straight into the good stuff.


1.    Get creative

Get creative with your self-care by literally getting creative. Getting lost in a creative project is actually very good for your overall health, it can reduce stress levels, increase dopamine, and even boost your immune system. You don’t have to consider yourself a naturally creative person to get started, your new project could be as simple as starting a journal. If you’re looking for more, consider picking up an art class or following online tutorials for things like drawing, sewing and baking.


2.   Pamper yourself

There is a lot to be said for taking yourself out for a little pamper session. It’s not for everyone and can mean very different things to different people, for some, it might mean a trip to the nail salon, a massage, facial or mini face lift. What’s important is that it makes you feel good, whether that’s because you need the time to relax or it gives you a confidence boost. Just remember that whatever you choose, you deserve it!


3.   Exercise

There is no doubting the benefits of regular exercise, but it’s often the first thing to go when we get busy or stressed. Physical activity increases energy levels, improves your mood, and assists with getting better sleep, all of which are invaluable to a busy mum. If you’re strapped for time, try a daily walk (you can even push the pram while you do it), or if you want more, try joining a gym, a local sport team, or a pilates class.


4.   Put yourself out there

It’s easy to get lost in weekends filled with play dates, birthday parties and kids’ sport. It’s even easier to convince yourself these outings count towards your social needs, or worse, make you too tired or time-poor to look after those needs. Socialising protects us from feeling isolated and can help to look after our mental health, so it’s important to make time to look after your own social needs, not just your family’s. Of course, none of this is to say you can’t enjoy or be fulfilled from the obligations we mentioned, but you might find you feel even more socially satisfied after a one-on-one wine with your bestie, or a dinner with your oldest group of friends.


5.   Prioritise ‘me-time’ and routine

Even ten minutes can make a world of difference when it comes to needing some self-care time. Try implementing a simple routine, morning and night, just for you. You could try journaling or stretching in the mornings. At night, you could add a new step into your skincare routine, or enjoy a cup of tea while you read a few pages of a book. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do, as long as it makes you feel good, and it’s just for you. A consistent routine is incredibly beneficial to mental health, so whatever you choose to implement, as long as you do it consistently, will undoubtedly help you feel a little more relaxed and in control.


6.   Set boundaries and ask for help

One of the best ways you can look after yourself is by being honest with others. Stop over-committing when the school or footy club asks for volunteers, stop taking calls or answering texts when you just need to log off for the night, and voice what you are and aren’t comfortable with in all areas of your personal and family life. When you need it, ask for and accept offers of help. It’s okay to look out for yourself, and it’s the best way you can look after your family.

Ultimately, practising self-care as a mum comes down to what works for you and your schedule; it can be as small as a morning walk or an overdue catch-up with friends, or as big as weekly float tank sessions or cosmetic procedures. Take stock of your time, your needs and your desires and figure out what works for you.