Tiny Pop-Up Villages Giving Us Life This Lockdown

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We’re absolutely loving all the Spoonville’s and Rock Gardens popping up around town this lockdown. They’re giving us all the good vibes and we’re here for it!!
To really stretch out your enjoyment of these little villages of joy, why not start with a visit and then once the kids are sufficiently inspired, follow up with a second visit at which you come bearing spoony or rocky contributions.

Tips for contributing to Spoonvilles and Rock Gardens

We recommend:
  • using wooden spoons for 2 reasons – they offer a bigger spoon face to work with and they’re more environmentally friends in the event they’re ever washed away.
  • when decorating them, avoid using plastic or anything that could wash away in rain.
  • bringing a digging tool as the ground is rather dry at the moment, given the lack of recent rain.
  • for rocks, choose a flat rock and consider using a sealant to protect your artwork.



  • Tarban Creek Reserve – Manning Road & Tarban Street, Gladesville- Spoonville
  • Bedlam Bay Community Garden, Gladesville – Spoonville
  • Banjo Paterson Park, Gladesville- Rock Garden
  • Diggers Avenue, Gladesville- Forkville
  • High Street & Park Road Gladesville- Spoonville
  • Bill Mitchell Park – down from the toilet block, Gladesville – Spoonville

Hunters Hill

  • Woolwich Road, Hunters Hill (right before Garibaldi Village Square) – Spoonville


  • Corner of Pidding Road & Cressy Road- near Pidding Park, Ryde – Spoonville
  • Ryde Park opposite play equipment – secret garden of rocks & spoons


  • Putney Hill Park – Spoonville
  • Fitkidz Putney – Spoonville
  • Henry Street, Putney – waving hands
  • Morrison Bay Park, Putney

North Ryde

  • Parklands Road between Whiteside Street & David Ave, North Ryde – Spoonville
  • Wilson Street, North Ryde, rock and spoon garden

East Ryde

  • 42 Melba Drive East Ryde – Spoon, rock and paddle pop creations

West Ryde

  • Corner of Adelaide Street and Hay Street – Spoonville
  • 8 Murray St, West Ryde – Spoonville

Melrose Park

  • Corner of Wharf Road and Waratah Street, Melrose Park


  • Cowells Lane Reserve, Ermington – Spoonville


  • Abuklea Road Kotara Park, Marsfield – Rock and Spoon Garden


  • Galaringi Reserve (bordered by Evans Rd /Marsden Rd and Bankshill crescent, Carlingford (closest entry is from 28 Bankshill Crescent there is a pathway leading to the entry) – Spoon and Forkville


Let us know of any others you’ve found!