New 0-3 Play Area at Top Ryde City Shopping Centre!

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Top Ryde City Shopping Centre has been busy working away at yet ANOTHER kids’ play area, this time for 0-3-year-olds, and on Monday 2nd July they opened the “Baby Play Zone”! We got to have a “sneak peek” and it really seems to fit the age group perfectly!

Located on Level 1 behind the current play area (besides Toy Mate and behind the escalator), this new play area will keep babies and toddlers very happy indeed. Closed off with a glass window and door, the room will keep little runners IN and keep excitable older children out (sorry older kids!).


So what does this area offer the kiddliwinks? The room is divided into 2 zones – it appears one would be best suited for very young children and the other for the older children, although we all know that kids on the move will go anywhere their legs will take them!

Older kids will enjoy climbing through the mini maze – up the stairs, through the curtain walls and down the slide. Once back on the ground they can have a ride on one of the many safari animals on the safety of the soft fall mat. This area is perfect for kids aged 18 months to 3 years.  


The very young kids’ zone looks to be best suited for children 6 to 18 months – ideal for non-crawlers, crawlers and early walkers. It is an interactive zone with a soft wall ground and a small wall so they stay safe in their area. They’ll have plenty to do – the wall is lined with interactive panels (think zippers, laces, threader, shapes/animals etc). These interactive items are also on the back wall, along with a little climbing pyramid and mirror area. Tucked into the sides of the wall are roller balls and a mini X and O’s game! 

Other great features of the area include a pram parking area, seats for parents/carers and lots of shoe shelves. It’s also conveniently located close to the bathrooms and baby change area. 

To address the all-important question – “where is the nearest coffee?”, we’re pleased to report that on the other side of the original play area is Leaf Cafe – you could grab a coffee as you walk by (with your keep cup of course! ) or, rumour has it that Top Ryde City Shopping Centre is exploring a trial whereby you can text message a coffee or food order through to Leaf Cafe and they will deliver to you at the baby play zone! #heckyes. But remember, no food is allowed inside the actual play area/equipment. 

We hope you enjoy this new play area, we think it ticks lots of boxes!!