Have You Heard of SpeedFit? Try it For Free at SpeedFit Gladesville!

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If you haven’t heard about SpeedFit / EMS training – you are missing out on one of the most efficient and trending training methods available within the fitness industry! SpeedFit has been taking the Australian market by storm and the feedback is pretty amazing. 


What is it about and how are we using it today in our studios?

The technology progressed from a local stimulation (used in physiotherapy to treat different physiological conditions ) to a whole-body electromuscular stimulation (WB-EMS) where several muscle groups are activated simultaneously. Today, WB-EMS is an innovative, time-efficient, joint-friendly and closely supervised form of exercise widely used in the fitness world.


I Mean, What’s Not to Like? 

In the 30 minute appointment you’ll suit up, go through the prepared routine with your trainer, break a sweat, have a protein shake, then head home or back to work! That’s it, your workout for the day is completed. And the cherry on top? You only need to do this once or twice a week! The studio is kid-friendly, so you can also bring your children with you 🙂


Is It Magic You Might Ask?

Not really! As you now know, WB-EMS activates different muscle groups and reaches deep tissue all at once. It acts on the skeletal muscles’ voluntary contraction and boosts its activity at the neuromuscular junctions. This technology, combined with different exercise principles, creates a powerful tool that can target your muscles, build up strength, increase power and maximize your body’s productivity during a workout. It also improves blood circulation, the body’s metabolism, and general mobility due to the full-body nature of the workout. 


We created two different types of workouts; SpeedFit Cardio and SpeedFit Strength. How do they differ? How can you make the best out of them?

We have you covered! Let us start with our classic (and most popular program), the SpeedFit strength program. 20 minutes of full body workout, mostly holding static positions, using different equipment to engage even more muscle chains… almost feeling that burning sensation! The strength session allows you to build up your muscle mass, tone your muscles, and boost your metabolism. It helps you burn more energy daily, improve your posture, ease joint pain, and shape your body. It is a great way of improving your fitness level and overall well-being. Now onto the newly born cardio program! SpeedFit cardio is fast-paced, fun and energizing workout. Follow your trainer, enjoy the rhythm and burn those extra calories! This program helps you improve your blood flow and lymph circulation, regulates your energy levels, cleans toxins out of your body, and gets you a step closer to your fitness goals and objectives. 


Why choose SpeedFit?

  • Time efficiency: SpeedFit’s EMS technology allows you to achieve a full-body workout in just 20 minutes, fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule.
  • Low impact, high intensity: SpeedFit’s EMS technology minimises joint stress while maximising muscle activation, making it suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.
  • Personalised approach: Benefit from expert personal trainers who will design a program tailored to your fitness goals and individual needs. Enjoy one-on-two attention and guidance throughout your SpeedFit experience.
  • Kid-friendly studios: Mums are busy! We are here to support your fitness goals. So we’ve made sure our studios have plenty of room to park prams, as well as a kids corner where your little ones can draw or watch their tablets.
  • Holistic wellness: Weekly consistent SpeedFit workouts not only enhance physical fitness but also improve energy levels, sleep quality, metabolism, and mental focus.



What our SpeedFit mums say…

“I’m done in 20 minutes! This is something that has not been possible in any other form of exercise I’ve ever tried. Within a month or two, I noticed my arms and legs start to elongate and slim down.”Megan, Mum of 2.

“The best thing about SpeedFit is how supportive the trainers are – even when my son was screaming down the studio! I have never ever felt uncomfortable, even when training at 8 weeks postpartum. It’s honestly the perfect environment for Mums, especially new ones! – Sinead, Mum of 1.


Speedfit Gladesville is offering a complimentary session exclusively to Ryde District Mums, simply you can email them to Gladesville@speedfit.com.au or call 02 8026 0657.

The studio manager can answer any questions you might have and book you for your free Trial. Just mention RDM and it’s all done ? 

This offer applies to the Gladesville location only.

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