Our Top 9 Teacher Gift Ideas

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They’ve worked so hard all year taking care of, teaching and guiding our precious little people. What can we get them that will really show our gratitude? We’ve pulled together a few ideas that we think any teacher will be thrilled to receive!

1. Christmas Tree Ornaments 

From shopping centre Xmas baubles to Etsy finds or homemade salt dough ornaments, Christmas Tree ornaments are a great present to suit every budget. Including your child’s name and the year will mean the teacher will get a lovely reminder of your child every Christmas.


Source: thebestideasforkids.com


2. Combine forces and buy a voucher

Some classes have email lists or Facebook groups to keep in touch during the year. Use these tools to team up with other families to get one giant, awesome gift such as a voucher. Something like a prepaid Visa card is great as there are few restrictions, or you could try using groupprezzie.com.au to manage money collection.



3. Say it with words

Ask your child to make a personalised card or painting for their teacher. Don’t forget to add your bit too, and make it mushy!! Some teachers say they love these heartfelt cards even more than gifts.



4. Wine o’clock

Wine is a winner. Even if they don’t drink wine, there’ll surely be an opportunity for the giftee to share the wine with others.



5. Candles

Everyone seems to love a candle, teachers included. Here’s a great option (made by our very own RDM admin Jess Matthews) that will be sure to please – especially with so many scent options! These cute candled are perfect as teachers gifts & only $10 each. They will burn for approx 22 hours and made with 100% natural soy wax. There are lots of scents available including:
– Toasted coconut & zesty lime
– Lime basil & mandarin
– Lemongrass & coconut
– Pink peony & violet
– Japanese honeysuckle
– Vanilla sugar & black raspberry
– Buttery caramel & vanilla



6. Movie time

These days movies aren’t cheap, especially Gold Class! Two Gold Class tickets will set you back about $80 but if you can find another family or two to join you, it’s a really great option that your teacher will love! Check out Event Cinemas Gold Class info here.



7. Make it personal

Personalising gifts is a really special idea but you need a bit of time up your sleeve to organise this one. Items that work well for personalising include key rings, tote bags, bookmarks, pen holders, folders etc. One of our faves is a personalised stamp. Kids loving getting that stamp of approval from their teachers, so what about a personalised one that says something like “Miss Smith loved your work!” or “Miss Smith thinks you did a great job!”. We found these on Etsy.



8. School supplies

Did you know teachers often spend their personal money buying supplies to make their classroom a better place for our kids? This could be more art and craft supplies, mats, decor etc. So why don’t you give them a basket of school supply goodies? You could include special stickers (to give to students for good work), glue sticks, markers, pencils and anything else that you fancy. 



9. Rub-a-dub-dub

After a long day in the thick of it with kids, a relaxing bath is surely a dream of every teacher! These revitalising bath salts from Natura Siberica are a great way to unwind and will leave skin feeling silky smooth. Natura Siberica is available at Chemist Warehouse or check them out online here.