Henry Brigg Playground, Epping

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If this playground looks shiny and new it’s because it IS shiny and new, having opened just this week in Epping, corner Essex and Maia Road. Complete with a gorgeous wooden fence that lines the park and an arch way to walk under, this park has NAILED cute. 



Its’ key feature is a structure that is very castle-like. It has 2 climbing walls, a double slide, fireman’s pole, little shop and steps. There is a boat that moves and has 2 steering wheels for the budding boat enthusiasts. Of course, you will also find the standard swings and a big circle swing. The ground is soft fall which means no bark – HOORAY and easy if you have a younger child who is crawling.


Plenty of parking is available either on Essex St or Maida Rd. It was busy on the afternoon we visited but parking was easy. 

There isn’t a sun shade as yet – hopefully one will be added in the future. There are bench steas, bins and a grass area for a little picnic should you please. 

Enjoy this park while everything here is NEW and nice and clean!


RDM Rating

Age range: 2-7

Coffee close by: 0

Great equipment: 1

Bike/scooter track: 0.5 (small path around the back of the park)

Other noteworthy feature/s: 0.5 (lots of grass within the fenced area and a bubbler)

Can host a party (BBQ, tables, toilets): 0 

Gated / safe: 0.5 (fenced on the Essex Road side that has more traffic flow). 

TOTAL: 2.5 / 6 (it’s a great park so don’t let this rating hold you back from going!!)