Granny Smith Park, Eastwood

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Granny Smith Park Eastwood (it’s more like Marsfield if you ask us..!) is a peaceful little park nestled in the middle of a residential area that is in the heart of Granny Smith territory – hence the park’s name and theme! 

Granny Smith Park is a great medium sized park for children both younger and older. It has easy street parking with the path down to the play area, lots of grass to run around on (the grass is away from the road) and it even has a bit of a bike/scooter track.



This park is not fenced but it is down a slight hill from the road, which does help. There are a couple of benches/tables to sit at but there isn’t any shade over the benches or the play area. 

It has all the classic park activities – bouncer/rocker (apple themed of course), swings, slides and tunnels. The apple theme is great fun and the colour palette is lovely!  The main play area caters to smaller kids and the big monkey bars/climbing is great for the older kids.

Don’t forget to bring a ball to use on the grass area or maybe you can play hop scotch while the kids play!

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Age range: 1-10

Coffee close by: 0

Great equipment: 1

Bike/scooter track: 0.5 (some footpath)

Other noteworthy feature/s: 0.5 (lots of grass around the park and a great climbing area for older kids).

Can host a party (BBQ, tables, toilets): 0 

Gated / safe: 0.5 (not fenced but the park is down a slight hill from the road and there is a grass area between the park and the road)

TOTAL: 2.5 / 6