Kids Birthday Parties @ Treetops St Ives

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We hosted a 10th birthday party at Treetops St Ives and it was TOO EASY! So simple to organise, the kids had a blast and all raved about going back. Treetops is located within St Ives showground, only a 15-minute drive from North Ryde. Not only do they host parties but they also offer the ability to go as a family for casual visits too.

You can read a summary of Treetops and their courses here, however, this article is all about their birthday parties – the options, inclusions, costs, age groups and all the other info you need!


Party Packages

There are 2 types of party packages – Party Starter (2.5 hours) and Party Xtreme (3.5 hours). Both birthday packages include checking in, a safety gear fitting and safety gear demo, climb instructions and approximately 2 hours of climbing. They also include all the extras that make the party a breeze for parents such as digital invitations, certificates of achievement and a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more!

There is a minimum of 8 children for birthday packages.

Optional add-ons:

  • Sheltered Picnic Table: Booking a picnic table with an umbrella so kids can eat and enjoy birthday cake. We did this and highly recommend it. There’s nothing easier than having a table with your reserved sign on it! Without booking a table, on weekends and school holidays, we doubt you would find a spare one.
  • Instructor: Booking an instructor when you have kids 8-12 years of age and you don’t want to climb. You can pay extra so that an instructor takes them up and your feet stay firmly on the ground. There is a minimum of 8 kids with a maximum of 12 for an instructor. We also chose this add-on service and again, highly recommend it! We could watch and support the kids from the ground plus set up the table for lunch and cake once they finished their 2 hours of climbing!

As mentioned, there are supervision requirements. These are as follows:

  • Junior 3-7: Grown-Up supervision is required from the ground for this age group. A ticket is not required for ground supervision.
  • Child 8-17: All participants are priced at birthday package rates, as per supervision ratios (1 Grown-Up per up to four Children).


The Courses:

Parties can be offered on either of the 2 junior courses (ages 3-7) or across the 6 tree rope courses (ages 8+). The below image shows a snapshot of what courses are available to each age group. For our birthday party, we had kids aged 9 to 11. They started on a beginner course for 8+, then did an intermediate 8+ and finished on an advanced for 10+, so over the party climbing time of about 2 hours they did 3 courses. The kids told us it felt like it went really quickly and they had such a great time. 


Opening Hours:

School Term
Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday, 9am – 5pm

School & Public Holidays
Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm

How to book:

  1. Download their birthday booking form.
  2. Fill out the form and email it to Treetops St Ives.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to you once your booking is processed.
  4. Your booking is secured when you receive a confirmation email.

Learn more about Treetops St Ives Birthday Parties here.


Our top party tips:

  • Kids need to wear enclosed shoes (joggers are best)
  • As kids will be in a harness, bike shorts are not recommended, we would suggest tights/leggings (3/4 is fine) or shorts that come to the knees for boys. For tops short sleeve tops are fine as the harness will go over the top
  • They are also best to bring a decent-sized drink bottle and put on sunscreen before climbing. There is a lot of tree shade but in Summer and Spring it is most definitely recommended
  • All kids’ parents will need to sign a waiver form, this is electronic and once you set it up you can send them a link that they can do on their phone if they prefer
  • As they will wear a helmet, low ponytails or plaits are best for long hair
  • Book the table and umbrella for $25. You will need to BYO food. We took a sushi platter, kid-friendly antipasto platter, cake and sliced fruit kept it in cooler bags until it was food time
  • The kids will get their safety gear, do a quick how-to/training session and listen to the instructors being heading out. They will be climbing for approx. 2 hours and will climb as a party group
  • We booked the instructor to climb with them and it was a good investment. She was able to guide them through the more challenging parts of the course given her experience and she really made it fun!