Must Watch: THIRTY – The Series

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Hands up if you’re 30 or over? 

Keep them up if you feel like sometimes you just can’t get your shit together.

Put your hand down if you do NOT own a smart device or computer? 


Then you need THIRTY – the Series in your life

THIRTY – the Series is set in Sydney. It’s the story of childhood friends who reconnect with their friend Dalia who has “fallen off the grid after having a baby and moving to the suburbs. Together they navigate the peaks and pitfalls of love, work, family, sex and friendship”.

We couldn’t be prouder that writer, producer and actor Tricia- Lyn Morosin is also an RDM! She initially wrote THIRTY as a way of regaining some “me- time” while she was studying acting, wrangling a toddler and managing her freelance communications business. Her Sydney Theatre School teacher Leah Pellinkhof gave Tricia the first break, getting some actors together to read it. The rest, as they say, is history. Or her-story as it happens.

What really struck me about THIRTY is that we can all identify in one way or another with at least one of the characters. The ladies are real, diverse and realistic. Tricia recognised that there was a lack of diversity on the Australian screen and in her own words “decided to stop whining and start writing”. Keep an eye out for Tricia’s real-life dad, Beshara Sharbean, who steals the show as Dalia’s dad. 


You know how we know it’s good? THIRTY has been nominated for Best Drama in the Melbourne WebFest, Australia’s international web series festival. 

We got to see a special advance screening of THIRTY last week and absolutely cannot wait for Series 2- if there is one. Tricia told us that she would love to make a Season 2 that’s even bigger and better, whether that be a long-form TV series (the dream!) – or still as a web series. 

So get behind our home-grown talent by subscribing to the Youtube channel, liking and following their Facebook page as the more support they receive the more likely it will happen.

Each episode of THIRTY is 10 Minutes long and the first three are available to watch NOW via their Youtube channel.