NOW OPEN: Angsana Early Learning Centre, North Rocks

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It took 7 years and $20 million to complete Angsana Early Learning Centre in North Rocks but once we visited we understood why! Open since December 2023, this childcare is like no other and we’re excited to share our findings.


The Centre

Catering for 99 children, aged from 0-6 years, this ultra-modern family-owned early learning centre has been purpose-built across 2,200 square metres and features state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor facilities for play and learning. Bright, light and open, all rooms feature huge windows overlooking the lovely neighbourhood and beyond. The spacious and minimalist design allows each classroom to be used in a variety of ways that align with their learning philosophy – a play-and-learn pedagogy that encourages children to explore and experience the world at large.

Have you ever known a childcare centre to have its own library? Not only does Angsana have a library but it is enveloped in a vertical garden with rows and rows of live plants. Stunning! Inside, the floor-to-ceiling wall of books can’t help but inspire children to pull up a seat and have a read.

The many and varied outdoor areas at Angsana have been carefully designed:

  • each space has louvres that can be adjusted depending on what’s required that day
  • some outdoor spaces are waterproof and large enough that rain won’t impact the area
  • a water play area perfect for hot days
  • large multi-purpose spaces for performances or getting together
  • large outdoor vegetable garden with multiple growing areas
  • boardwalks that overlook various parts of the garden
  • sandpits, games areas and more


Languages – Mandarin and Spanish

At Angsana, all children are taught Mandarin and Spanish programs developed by experienced and passionate native speakers. Lessons are immersive – children are taught through engaging activities such as games, songs, stories, and drama.

The belief held is that immersion surpasses translation as the most effective method of language acquisition, mirroring how individuals learn their native tongue. Recognizing that early childhood is an optimal time for language learning due to brain development, the aim is to enable children to retain more information and develop fluency, potentially becoming bilingual or even multilingual. With 80% of the world speaking English, Spanish and Mandarin, the overarching goal is to nurture global citizens who can communicate across a variety of cultures.


Gardening and Cooking

The gardening and cooking program at Angsana ELC is no joke! You name it they grow it, and better yet, cook with it. Children are regularly involved in preparing the vegetables, herbs and fruit. We just LOVE the design of the sunken kitchen that allows for a low counter on the side where the children participate and equally, a comfortable standing height for adults on the other side within the kitchen itself. Genius!

The kitchen is also where the children’s daily meals prepared by in house chef.

Angsana’s holistic cooking program not only promotes healthy eating habits but encourages children to consider where their food comes from, educates them on the sustainable practice of growing their fruit and vegetables and teaches them about the importance of good hygiene. The art of cooking is a mindful skill which enables children to express themselves creatively and emotionally and build relationships with family members and peers in the kitchen and beyond.



Fees include meals prepared on-site and nappies:

  • Nursery $160 per day
  • Toddler $155 per day
  • Preschool $150

The Details

Open: Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm

Address: 49, North Rocks Road, North Rocks