Justin Li, City of Ryde- West Ward

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Name: Justin Li – Liberal


1. Are you part of or have you been part of a political party? If so, which one? 

I’m part of the Ryde Liberal team.


2. Tell us a bit about you and your team. What’s your day job?        

My day job is in corporate law but I think many people know me as the face of Humans of Eastwood Daily and/or from my previous stint as a Ryde councillor for west ward from 2008 – 2017.

The current Ryde Liberal team on Council that I hope to join (if elected), is a very diverse group of councillors from a range of genders, professions and cultures.


3. What are some things you love about living in the area?    

The local memes!  More seriously, I believe we live in one of the best parts of Sydney.  We have an abundance of employment and educational opportunities within our doorstep.  I also love the cultural diversity we have locally which is reflected in our community events and the range of different cuisines available.


4. What do you believe to be the 3 main issues affecting our community?   

  1. Cost of living – the prices of everything have been going up and so Council needs to be financially prudent and not unreasonably burden household finances
  2. Preserving as much open space as possible (including importantly the TG Millner Oval in Marsfield) and preventing inappropriate development
  3. Traffic issues – from rat runs in their streets to parking time limits, residents have regularly raised traffic issues with me during this election campaign
5. What are the 3 key things you plan to achieve?
If elected, I will fight to:
  1. Keep council rates low to address cost of living.  In fact, under the leadership of current Mayor Jordan Lane, ratepayers of Ryde have already on average saved $10 from their rates notices in the last quarter.  This may not sound much but it’s actually very unprecedented as rates have almost always gone up year after year in the past.  They’ve also been going up in neighbouring Councils.
  2. Save TG Millner Oval from development.  If there’s one thing we’ve all learnt in the last 2 years of the pandemic and lockdowns is how precious open space is within our 5km.
  3. Installing traffic lights at Eastwood’s busy intersections – this was a project that I helped began during my previous term on Council and want to see through.


6. What about your long term vision for the area?

I want the City of Ryde to continue to lead the rest of Sydney in providing local employment and educational opportunities.  I also want the City of Ryde to be a harmonious and desirable place to live for all of its residents.


7. Other Comments

I hope west ward residents will elect someone they already know and someone who already knows them.  If I’m elected, residents will have the benefit of my previous 9 years’ experience on Ryde Council to get things done for them and start delivering for them from day 1.