John Alexander Shares Some Family Snapshots

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by John Alexander


Supporting local Mums and their families certainly is one of my highest priorities as an elected representative.

I came to fatherhood a bit later in life. I was in my 40’s and had been retired from professional tennis for a number of years. My three wonderful children certainly are the pride of my life. Emily was the one that turned me into a father, thank you Emily! Soon after, Georgia arrived and then our son Charlie.

They’re now in their 20’s. They’re forging their own life path, which often finds its way back to my place! Actually Georgia is my flatmate in Epping right now!

Their Mum Rose and I separated when our kids were in primary school. We get on well, I’m grateful to her and her husband Chris for our positive parenting partnership, and also for their support for me at polling booths on election days!

As parents we all stress about how our kids will go in life, and how to raise them well. My experience simply says to me that all we can do is support and love our children, and have faith that they will find their way in life. I rode my daughters stresses of finding their dream jobs. Emily is now an IT marketer, and Georgia is a lawyer specialising in Indigenous land rights. I continue to ride Charlie’s journey as a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and up and coming actor.  

Families are the bedrock of our society and our wellbeing. If you’re a local Mum or raising a family here you have my absolute admiration and respect. If there is anything I can do to further support families then please reach out to me.

Thanks for your time – JA


Proud dad! Georgia, JA, Emily, Charlie


Emily assisting JA with tennis coaching

The day JA became a proud father, holding Emily June 1990

Enjoying a Canberra holiday, L-R: Georgia, Charlie, JA, Emily

Georgia and JA