River Park, Ermington

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River Park (listed as Arista Way park on Google!) is a sweet little park amid a very large reserve in Ermington along Parramatta River, with views across to Olympic Park.

It’s small but mighty, ticking the following boxes we mums love:

  • it is fully fenced (with two access points)
  • it has soft fall ground
  • it has beautiful water views
  • there is a walking path (wide) along the river for bikes, scooters, prams etc
  • there are TWO other parks for older kids a few minutes walk away (Halvorsen Park and George Kendall Reserve Park) – so after your toddler is tired and asleep in the pram you can walk to the bigger one!

The play equipment is best suited to children aged 12 months – 6 years as everything is low to the ground and easy to climb. Equipment includes:

  • a cubby house with a climbing frame attached
  • swings
  • rockers
  • a ship with multiple wheels, binoculars, stairs and a slide


George Kendall Reserve, Ermington George Kendall Reserve, Ermington


George Kendall Reserve, Ermington George Kendall Reserve, Ermington


While there’s no shade sail, the tree growth is coming along nicely and in time should provide a bit more coverage than is currently offered.


Getting There

The playground runs along Arista Way, which is at the bottom of Broadoaks Street. There is plenty of unmetered street parking.




RDM Rating

Age range: 1 to 6 years of age
Coffee close by: 0
Shade sails: 0
Bike/scooter track: 1 (outside the playground)
Noteworthy feature/s: 0
Can host a party (BBQ, tables, toilets): 0
Gated / safe: 1 (fully fenced)
TOTAL: 2/ 6
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