Clontarf Beach Beach and Playground

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Located 35 minutes from Ryde, Clontarf Beach has to be one of the best beaches in Sydney for kids, particularly young kids.

You won’t find any waves at this Middle Harbour beach, but you will find soft sand, plenty of flat grass to lay a picnic blanket and many large trees that provide great shade.

There’s also a netted swimming area to keep larger sealife out, but on either side, there are stretches of un-netted beach. You’ll notice thrill seekers jumping off the boundary/piers of the netted area – it’s great fun however make sure to check the depth as tide changes can make a big difference.

We love that the shaded grassy area is only a few metres from the beach and is level with the beach, making it all feel very manageable.



You can’t beat a beach with a good playground. This playground reopened. late 2021 as part of a multi-million-dollar upgrade of the area including an improved amenities block and tidal pool, picnic facility, landscaping, pathway upgrades, and realigning the carpark.

The playground features a slide, rope pendulum swing, fishing platform, spinning bowls, a sea reed climbing net and sand play area. Best of all it has ample shade and lovely views!



Bosk Kiosk is relatively new, replacing the more well know ‘Clonny’s’. It serves up a yummy menu with lots of healthy options, but also and most importantly, good coffee, hot chips and ice blocks!




Clontarf beach has its own metred parking, which is nice and close to the beach. It costs $10 per hour or $40 for 4 hours+, which isn’t the cheapest! However, you can also get lucky with unrestricted parking on nearby streets – Holmes Ave or Peronne Ave.

Parking can quickly fill up on a hot day so get there early and preferably on a weekday!


Getting There

Clontarf beach is located on Sandy Bay Road.