Babycino & Coffee Hot-Spots at Carlingford Court!

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On a recent visit to Carlingford Court, we counted at LEAST 7 coffee shops, all of which are child-friendly and serve the beloved babycino. This might make Carlingford Court the perfect place for meeting friends. Here’s what our research uncovered.


The Coffee Club

There’ll be something on the menu for everyone whether you still haven’t had breaky, you’re eating light, or you have fussy kids. The menu even shows kilojoules of every item!

Babycino situation: Free babycino with any purchase.



Gloria Jeans

Often offering deals such as cake and a coffee for $8 or a cheese toastie & babycino $4.95, Gloria Jeans in the place to go for a value combo.

Babycino situation: Free with any coffee purchased or $1 when purchased alone.



Oliver Brown

Skip the coffee and go for dessert (hot tip: get the fondue!). The hot chocolate is also to die for!

Babycino situation: $1.50 for mini cup



Cherry Beans Cafe

Coffee beans are guaranteed to be no more than 21 days old! Fressshhh.

Babycino situation: $2 for mini cup



Michele’s Patisserie

This much-loved family patisserie offers sweet treats, scrumptious savouries and award-winning coffee.

Babycino situation: $2 but they are as big as small coffee



Sergio’s Cakes

These stunning cakes look irresistible! Try just a slice or take home a whole cake for a special occasion.

Babycino situation: $2 for mini cup



Table 34

This one is on Level 2 and is a great place to go when you feel like complete table service.

Babycino situation: $1.50 for mini cup



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