How I Dealt With Nits

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by Jessica Matthews

Nits – one of my biggest phobias! Sure, I had them growing up – I can only remember one time when I was about 8 yet it has definitely developed into a phobia! Just thinking about those tiny bugs breeding and crawling around makes my skin crawl…are you with me? It’s gross, right!? 

My daughter is 5, has started kindy this year and has long hair – I am talking 3/4 of the way to her bottom. So naturally, I have been worried about the day when she might get nits. Each day I tie her hair up in some form of bun or plait and try to keep it out of her face. One of my good friends always said when my daughter got nits it would be a two person job and she would be there for me! 

Well, recently I got a message from a fellow mum in my daughter’s class (our girls play a lot) saying she had found 4 or so eggs in her daughter’s hair so best I check my daughter. First and foremost – I am so grateful she messaged me as soon as she found out, I so appreciated this!! Next thing you know I was hovering with my phone torch over my daughter while she slept trying to see if we had nits/eggs too! I didn’t find any and I breathed a small sign of relief and went to sleep that night.

In the morning I checked again (all the places I couldn’t reach while she was asleep) and YES, THERE THEY WERE!! About 6 eggs in total, a couple behind one ear around and the others at the bottom nape of her head. I had a mini meltdown (internally of course as I did want to upset Ava) and got my fiancé to check as I wanted to be sure. Yes, he confirmed – they were nits.

When I realised there wasn’t a pharmacy open till 8.30am I called Simone from Salon Forty. I remembered her mentioning to me that she had a ONCE ONLY lice treatment that she used in her salon so I knew she was the girl for me. I called her at 8am, she told me to come at 8.50am, it would cost $45 and we would be done within 40 minutes! No need to retreat in a week (like other products recommend) as this product kills the lice and the eggs. 

So we go to my saviours home (Simone has a gorgeous purpose built salon at the rear of her home) and she immediately quelled my nerves with her cool, calm & collected attitude. She applied the treatment to Ava’s dry hear and then used exfoliating gloves to rub her scalp, ensuring all the hair was covered. She then left it on for about 10-15 minutes (she said 10 was enough but I wanted to be sure!!), washed my daughter’s hair, combed it (with a normal comb), dried it off and yes we were at school at 10am!

WINNING is all I can say as I am not sure how I would have gone combing strand by strand with my daughter’s long hair, and of course my phobia!

The product Simone used is called Licener™ Single Treatment and according to the instructions, the facts are:

– single treatment
– kills lice and eggs
– no combing needed
– works in 10 minutes
– dermatologically tested to be gentle on normal skin
– neutral smell

Of course, I also washed the sheets and towels etc in a hot wash, put Ava’s hair brushes and school hat in the freezer before washing them, and carried on tying up Ava’s hair up every day with ponies and plaits galore!! I also have been using a leave in spray I got from Simone (for $15) which works as a deterrent for lice. You simply apply daily to damp hair!

Here’s a little ‘fun fact’: lice need blood to survive. They feed 3-4 times a day on blood, without the feed they dehydrate and die! Now do you hate lice as much as me???

To book with Simone you can message her on 0450 663 223 or message her via her Facebook page

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