Do you Worm? The 5 for Ryde Team Talk Dirty

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It’s time to come clean. We like it dirty. We like dirt on our feet, don’t mind it when the kids smear a bit of peanut butter on our jeans. We are good with the dirt. So when it comes to the world of composting and worm farms, we jump in, hands first. But we realise not everyone is comfortable with this level of ick. And while most people realise food waste is a huge part of what we put in the bin (and a big issue for the environment) many of us just can’t handle the ‘yuck factor’.

So here’s some simple ways to get into composting and worm farms, for the dirt-phobes and clean freaks among us.


Because Sharing is Caring

Want to compost but have zero time and next to no energy to give towards it? Never fear.

Share Waste have you covered. Simply register on their page and get a lidded container or bucket. Throw in your scraps (as with any home composting, it’s best to avoid throwing in onion, citrus, meat, or grains) and when you’re close to full, locate someone on the site who can take your scraps and arrange a drop-off. Oh and there’s the Share Waste app to download from the AppStore or Google Play too. Sah easy!


We all have Worms

Worm farms are probably your next easiest option for clean-ish, effortless food waste management. To do it on the cheap, search your local Buy Swap Sell sites for some sneaky bargain set ups. Or if you’re particularly handy you can even make your own from polystyrene containers or a PVC tube! If you just want to buy a shiny new kit (we hear you saying please shut your mouth you 5 for Ryde weirdos), then check out the subsidised worm farms from Ryde Council. Or pick up the amazing Hungry Bin from our buddies over at Eden Gardens. It is fab!


Keep Calm and Compost

For those blessed with a backyard or the space, a compost bin is another alternative and there’s heaps of styles to suit. Gloves and aprons a must for the easily deterred. And anyone who has mastered it will tell you the trick to good composting (like the secret of a good life) is all about getting the balance right. That means having equal parts of the stinky, or “green” (food scrap) waste and the not-so-stinky, “brown” (shredded paper, dried leaves, grass clippings) waste.


Bokashi? Bless you

If you’re short of space or in an apartment, one of these bad boys will cure your food waste problems. Full disclaimer, this one isn’t our favourite option as it can be fiddly, and you’re still going to need somewhere to bury or take your compost as it can’t stay in the container forever. Bokashi bins can take anything though, much like a teenage boy, they will eat old pasta scraps, pizza crusts, old bits of manky chicken and even the questionable contents of that Tupperware container full of old leftovers.


Not convinced?
Still worried it’s too hard? Don’t know where to start? Lucky the City of Ryde is running a fab workshop this month to allay all your fears. So, we shall see you punks out there and may the dirt be with you (or semi-near you).


About the Authors

Jo Taranto and Corina Seeto are some loose Mums from North Ryde who run 5 For Ryde. They have 4 boys between them, like to garden with no shoes and also have paid jobs which they do occasionally.

We heard you haven’t joined the War on Waste in Ryde yet? We’d love you to get involved. Til next month! xx