Organise Your Home Quickly With These 5 Simple Steps

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Who says organising your entire home can be done in 5 steps? It seems impossible, right?

The experts at Maid For You disagree! They think it’s totally doable.

Organising an entire house is a big job, however, there are simple hacks that can help you speed up the process and ensure success. Here are 5 simple steps to lessen the stress and get results!


1.   Look for the messiest part of your home

Survey the parts of your home and identify the messiest areas. It will enable you to decide which part of the house you should focus on cleaning first. It will be helpful if you jot down the areas of your home that need cleaning. Rank them from the messiest to the relatively clean. The list can help you identify the reason for clutter which can lead to finding a more relaxed and more effective solution.


2.   Determine the reason for the clutter

Identify what makes a particular space messy. Determine the types of clutter on the floor. There is usually more than one reason why a specific area in your home is disorganised such as shortage of hooks and storage. Examine every space in your home and take note of the problem. Do not leave the room unless you have correctly identified and analysed the reasons and come up with a better plan to organise it.


3.   Find a solution

Understanding the problem or reasons why your house is disorganised will point at the right decluttering solutions. In some cases, an easy fix can be done, such as putting a shoe rack next to a door or adding a few more hooks to avoid piling up your jackets on the floor. A built-in storage area is also a solution that you may consider if you have space problems. Take advantage of the internet in finding a solution for your disorganised home – it’s a great source for storage and decluttering products and ideas.


4.   Implement the solution in the household

Apply the decluttering trick that you have in mind. Let everyone in the household know the reason why your home is disorganised. Help them understand the importance of an organised home. Posting the decluttering plan on your wall so everyone can see it! Consider putting post-it notes on the walls such as take off your shoes, put dirty clothes in the laundry basket or hang your clothes in the wardrobe. It will remind everyone to follow your new system and be conscious of their actions. Monitor all the areas in your home at the end of the day to ensure everyone is following the new system.


5.   Clean the clutter as you go along

The clean as you go concept is the best way to maintain an organised home. Make sure to clean everything or put things in the right places all the time. Leaving your home, unattended and unkempt can lead to less space and uncomfortable living conditions. Make sure that all areas in your home are free from clutter at the end of the day.  


Other Supporting Tips:

  • Put together a decluttering plan before sitting down with your family to address the issue.

As an in-charge in decluttering/organising your home, it is vital to have a solid plan on how to approach the clutter issues. Present the solution or plan for your family if you think that it would work. Make everyone understand the reason for the clutter in your home. In that way, they can realise their faults and become more conscious around the house.

  • Be strict when implementing the decluttering solution.

There is a need to strictly implement your solutions to stop the clutter in your home. A disorganised home can be hard to reorganise and will take up too much of your time. Too much clutter can also take over your life and may lead to an unhealthy home. Being strict with everyone in the household and making sure that you follow the plan is your responsibility as a decluttering guru!

  • Make everyone in the household realise the importance of a well-kept home.

A well-kept home is happier and healthier. Everyone can move around comfortably without stepping on any clutter. There will be no accidents and no fights within the family. We’ll all have a happier relationship and closer interaction.


Organise your home NOW! Do not wait for the clutter to take over your family’s life. Now is the time. Follow the five easy steps that we recommended!

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