Top 6 Beauty Trends to Keep You Glowing in 2020

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Want to look your best all year long? Get the scoop on 6 of 2020’s hottest new beauty trends:


1.   Bar Soap, Bar Shampoo and Bar Conditioner

 The Sydney Morning Herald reports that bar soap is having a limelight moment. This is part of the larger trend towards eco-conscious beauty. 

In droves, people are beginning to seek out alternatives to single-use plastics. Some of the culprits that are now being shunned include the plastics that are used to package shower gels, body washes, liquid soaps, shampoos and conditioners.


There’s been a backlash against these plastics lately because environmentally-conscious people are starting to realise that it doesn’t make sense to use a forever-material like plastic to create disposable packaging.

Australian consumers only recycle about 12 percent of our single-use plastics. In the past, we used to ship much of our rubbish to China for disposal and recycling – but the Chinese no longer want to deal with it. This has created a massive waste crisis in Australia.

The humble bar of soap, packaged in compostable paper rather than plastic, is one small step towards solving the crisis. Many Australians are going plastic free, and this is one of the main reasons for the recent rise in popularity of paper-packaged bar soaps, shampoos and conditioners.


2.   Metallic Cosmetics

 2020 is likely to become known as the year everyone wants to be seen with shimmery lips, nails, and eyelids. For example, some of the latest arrivals at Chanel are luminescent liquid eyeshadows in coppery, bronze and silvery shades.


3.   Snakeskin Nails

Snakeskin textures are a carryover trend from last season, and they’re all over the fashion runways for 2020, too. Some of the hottest looks right now include retro python-textured sandals and snakeskin handbags. So, naturally, snakeskin nails could be an interesting complement to this trend.


4.   Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments

In a recent interview with 7News, Dr Joseph Ajaka has revealed one of Australia’s top 2020 beauty trends: It’s platelet-rich plasma treatments.

What, exactly, is this treatment, and why is it picking up steam right now?

Platelet-rich plasma is a treatment that stimulates your collagen production in order to rejuvenate your skin’s elasticity, appearance and texture. People are using it in a variety of ways. In particular, it can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and other imperfections around the eyes.

This therapy is gaining popularity, first of all, because it is a useful treatment for combating the signs of ageing. It also has broad appeal because it is less risky and has fewer apparent side effects than other procedures that could be expected to give similar results.


5.   Gender-Neutral Beauty Products

Women aren’t the only people who want to look their best. There’s no earthly reason why everyone shouldn’t have access to great products for exfoliating, brightening and moisturizing their skin. Realising this, cosmetic manufacturers are rolling out beauty lines, particularly skincare lines, that are intended to be more inclusive.


6.   Bright Blue Eyeshadow

Many fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands are reliving the 1970s with their latest offerings. In 2020, Pantone, a colour trend forecaster as well as the manufacturer of products intended to help various industries keep their colour choices standardized, has proclaimed that their colour of the year is “Classic Blue”. Like lemmings, cosmetic manufacturers have responded by pumping out blue-hued products including eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and nail polish.

This is a global trend, but our prediction is that Aussie women will ignore it in droves. Blue eyeshadow was bad enough the first time around, and it still isn’t the easiest look to wear well. But, if you would enjoy walking around with dazzling blue eyelids or lashes, please don’t let our lack of enthusiasm for this trend hold you back from enjoying it.

Now you’re updated on 6 of the top beauty trends for 2020. 


The main takeaways

Don’t be surprised if your husband starts borrowing your skincare products, or if your plastic-bottled favourites get harder to find. Don’t have invasive eye-related cosmetic surgeries or procedures without first researching the benefits of plasma treatments for the tissues around the eyes. Feel free to wear as much blue as you like, but no worries if you don’t want to smear it on your eyelids. And definitely pour on the shimmer if that look suits your personal sense of style.


Here’s hoping your 2020 will be a beautiful year.