Pram-Friendly Bushwalk To Browns Waterhole Marsfield

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We’ve done more bushwalking in the last two months than ever before in our life! But feeling rather lucky that our kids are older enough to enjoy it with us. However, little kids need not be left out! This bushwalk is awesome because it’s pram friendly. It starts in Marsfield, heads through the Lane Cove National Park and ends at Browns Waterhole.

Suitable for:

This is a great entry-level bushwalk as it’s a nice smooth path, pram friendly and great for kids 3+. It is not really suitable for scooters because there’s a steep hill down and then what goes down must come up!

Length / Distance: it should take about 15 minutes to get there and 15 minutes to get back, plus at least 15 minutes at the waterhole!

Where to park:

A good place to park is on Vimiera Rd, Marsfield (past the Waterloo Rd roundabout).

Getting started:

Walk towards the M2, go under the underpass and then veer around to the left.

What we love:

  • Pram friendly path
  • Easy for young kids to walk with no bumps or rocks to trip over
  • There is a picnic table near the waterhole if your young kids need rest and water.

Dogs: Dogs are not allowed on this track so as to protect

Things to note: There are no toilets or bins so go prepared.


Browns Waterhole

Our aim was to get to Browns Waterhole -it’s a great spot as there is normally a lot to see! You will also spot lots of native trees, flowers and birds and insects so it could be a great flora and fauna lesson if you’re so inclined! #outsideclassroom

You can then walk down the wide but winding path called Browns Waterhole Track. If you follow it at a leisurely pace, in 10-15 minutes you will be at Browns Waterhole. The best time to visit Browns waterhole is after a big rainfall as you’ll see much more water in the waterhole.

You can continue on past Browns Waterhole but the path is no longer concrete/flat and gets bumpy in parts so it’s no longer pram friendly.

If you decide to continue on, you will be on the Lane Cove Valley Walk – to the left takes you around the back of North Epping and to the right (around the back of Browns Waterhole) you head towards Turramurra. You can also walk all the way down Lane Cove Valley Walk and you will get to the famous Whale Rock!

To get to Whale Rock: veer left after Browns Waterhole, follow along beside the river (it looks more of a creek in places). This turns into Step Walk, then Devlins Creek Track. You will then veer to the left slightly onto Boundary Rd Firetrail and Whale Rock will be on your left (if you miss veering left, you will be walking towards Pennant Hills).


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