Mums in Business: 6 Tips for Success

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Being a mother comes with endless responsibilities, especially in today’s world where many new mums are struggling to find a healthy work-life balance. 

If you are a mother in the fast-paced realm of business, read on to discover our amazing mumpreneur tips to help you thrive. 

1. Build a mum network

There is nothing more comforting than engaging with like-minded individuals who share your struggles. Having a mum network in your local area can help you foster meaningful relationships, where you can learn from the experiences of your peers. This can be done over events such as fundraisers, coffee meetups, sports events, and more. 

2. Organise your work

Staying ahead of your tasks can help you plan out your work in an efficient and stress-free manner. Here are some ways you can do so:

Use a master calendar

Using a smart e-calendar, which can be accessed via your phone or computer, can help you keep a track of your daily tasks, such as personal and business appointments. 

These calendars can also be used to keep up with your childrens’ engagements, thus helping you stay on top of parenting as well. 

Manage your business finances

Properly managing your finances stabilises your company and makes your business less likely to fail. 

First and foremost, it is very important to invest in growth opportunities. As long as you are willing to take calculated risks and invest in opportunities that enable your business to be expanded, you will be going in a healthy forward-facing direction. 

Another important factor is to maintain a good business credit. With a poor business credit, it would be difficult for you to get approval for transactions such as loans. Therefore, to keep good credit, pay off all your debt funding as soon as possible.

You must also be aware of basic skills required to keep your business afloat, such as know how of doing accounting tasks, drafting financial statements, and opening business bank accounts. 

You can learn more about setting up a business bank account here.

Organise your workspace

Unnecessary clutter can make you feel dreary and therefore, reduce your productivity. It is important to work in an organised space so that you can operate with an uncluttered mindset.

From disinfecting to reordering, here’s all you need to know about organising your workspace

3. Get professional help

Managing everything, both at work and home, can get near to impossible. Save yourself the trouble and hire trusted individuals to take away some of your burden. 

For starters, since you would be busy with work-related engagements, it is essential that you hire a good babysitter for your children in order to make sure their needs are being attended to. 

On the other hand, you might also need assistance with professional matters. Therefore, hiring a personal assistant, even if you opt for an online employee, will definitely help you stay organised in terms of your business.

4. Find a mind-body-soul balance

Your personal wellness is as important as your company’s bottom line. Remember that your business thrives only if you do. 

This why mental contentment is super important for mums and business, and here are two     ways you can keep yourself healthy while managing your work-related responsibilities:

Get ample sleep

Mothers often complain about not getting enough sleep as they are mostly always preoccupied with catering to their children. 

However, if you are simultaneously managing a business as well, it is absolutely crucial to take a step back and prioritise yourself at times. 

Therefore, try to manage your time in a way that you can get at least five to six hours of undisturbed sleep every night to avoid getting burnt out. 

Celebrate your achievements

In the midst of our rushed lives, we often forget to take a moment to appreciate how far we have come. 

If you are working double-shifts as a mother and as an entrepreneur, take a minute and let your success kick in. Building an empire on your own is not an easy task, so give yourself a break from time to time. 

To give yourself a boost of encouragement for your business, read these 5 tips for staying motivated

5. Take advantage of free marketing tools

Some free marketing tools such as Google My Business and social media can be used for marketing and promotion. Many businesses create Facebook peer groups to spread the word and interact with like-minded people. 

The more you actively work on endorsing your company, the more clients you would be able to attract, thus leading to sizable profits. Therefore, it is important to stay in loop when it comes to recent social media marketing tactics in this digital age of global communication. This is especially true because social media marketing is something you can easily do from the comfort of your home (as you also tend to your children).

The bottom line

Sometimes, all you need to do as a busy mompreneur is take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Overseeing your business as well as your children is not a piece of cake. So, give yourself leverage where it is due. Good luck!