5 Tips for Staying Motivated

by Adala Bolto

It’s easy to set a goal but unless you have a plan it’s just a wish! People who are successful in reaching their goals are not “lucky”, they usually follow a process which starts with setting their goals. But there’s a strategy behind how they get there in the end.

Here are five of my simple tips for staying the path to success when motivation is at an all time low:

1. Be clear on what it is you want
Write your goal down along with some visual cues (photos or pictures) of what it is you want to achieve. Place it somewhere where you can’t avoid seeing it daily!

2. Make the commitment
Set a specific date. Let’s face it, we all procrastinate and lose track of how much time is passing so setting a date will help you make that commitment. You need to treat this date like any other deadline you have to meet.

3. Don’t do it alone
Nominate a friend, partner or relative and share your goal and deadline with them. Let them know that you will be relying on them to help keep you on track with simple reminders such as a weekly SMS or phone call. Share with them WHY this goal is so important to you and how amazing you’ll feel once you achieve it!

4. Work on your mindset
Avoid using negative words such as hopefully, let’s see, here goes nothing etc when you are planning to get started as this will set you up for failure. I see this happen all the time. You need to back yourself 100% and believe that you can achieve what you are setting out to do.

5. Get expert advice

Enlist the help of a trainer, nutritionist or any expert who can help you see results SOONER. It’s near impossible to stay motivated if you’re guessing you’re way through the process and hoping to see results. If you don’t seek help from others who can get you there, chances are, your results will be slow and motivation will diminish.

Seeing and feeling results is the best way to fuel motivation, once you get a taste of it you’ll want more!

Enjoy your success as it will last much longer than your struggle to get there.

Adala, owner of Fernwood Ryde XOX

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