Is Your Child Ready For School?

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by Guardian Childcare and Education


“Is my child ready for school?” It’s a question most parents will ask themselves as their child reaches the age of four or five.

The first five years of a child’s life are a rapid time of growth, learning and development. During this time quality play-based learning experiences, high-quality environments and expert educational interactions make a significant difference to a child’s level of ‘readiness’ for formal schooling and beyond.


The Guardian Childcare and Education ‘Moving on Up to School’ Preschool Program is led by teachers with specialist early childhood university degrees. Our contemporary approach gives your child the full benefits of a structured daily learning program with the flexibility of longer childcare hours.  That means your child gets the best start to their schooling, while you’re able to better juggle the day-to-day.

This program is available in more than 40 Guardian Childcare and Education centres across NSW. Our contemporary practices and programs focus on open-ended, play-based experiences that:

  • Teach the basic numeracy and literacy skills needed for academic success.
  • Embed valuable social and emotional skills required to be confident and resilient.
  • Have clear learning outcomes to prepare your child for formal schooling, and beyond.

“Children are inspiring and creative individuals who can find wonder in the simplest of everyday items and activities. Their imaginations are powerful, and their young brains are built to help them explore the world through experience.” Kathryn Waugh, Head of Quality and Curriculum, Guardian


So, is my child ready for school?

As your child moves through their early years, the transition to formal schooling is one of the most significant milestones you and they will face. As such, we designed our engaging Preschool/Kindergarten Program in a way that sets the foundations for a positive start to your child’s first year of school.

At Guardian we have frequent formal and informal conversations and meetings with parents as this transition approaches, looking at key indicators for a successful transition to primary school.

Research shows the biggest determinants of academic achievement, a positive transition to school, and for later success at school and in life, are that young children need to be socially and emotionally ready. But what does that mean?

Specifically, we look at a number of key indicators outside of the traditional academic. For instance, is your child…

  • Separating effectively from parents and carers?
  • Developing confidence and pride in who they are?
  • Learning to take responsibility for themselves and others?
  • Communicating and forming relationships?
  • Becoming adaptable to cope with change?
  • Practising resilience by persisting in the face of challenges?
  • Initiating, being involved and willing to try new things?
  • Problem-solving and showing natural curiosity?

We can help you answer all of these questions and more, as we set your child on the path to primary school. We want every child in our centres to develop a lifelong love of learning – won’t you join us?


Learn more about the Guardian Preschool Program by clicking here, or call 13 82 30

Guardian Preschool is enrolling now for January 2021.