New Play Area at Birkenhead Point!

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by Natasha Lee


It’s one of the newest playgrounds on the block. Birkenhead Point has finally installed a decent sized play area for children and it’s nestled in beside their new free nanny service. Two birds, one stone.

The aptly titled ‘Lighthouse’ is situated on the bottom level of the shopping centre right beside the Jean-Louse Joseph Cafe, giving parents the opportunity to enjoy a sneaky cup of coffee (and pastry) while their little ones have a play.

The age limitations of the playground have been divided into two groups: The floor area is for children from 1-4, while the equipment is suitable for children aged 4-10.

Some of the equipment includes:

  • a spiral slide
  • a triangle deck climb perfect for getting to the top
  • a sphere look-out with a steering wheels
  • gadget panels


Unfortunately, the floor of the play area isn’t very large and would get quite full very quickly. The area around the lighthouse is not fenced in despite there being a number of funhouse mirrors for children to play in front of. It means parents will have to keep a very close eye on their little ones if they’re playing on the ground as they can run off into the busy shop in the blink of an eye – as we all know.


Getting there

Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre is located at 19 Roseby Street, Drummoyne. The Lighthouse play area is located on the ground floor (opposite Jean Louis Joseph). There is plenty of available parking in the centre’s parking lot.