Christmas Shopping Tips: A Guide For Ryde Mums

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With all the frantic energy that accompanies the end of the school year, it’s all too easy to forget that Christmas is right around the corner. And for busy Ryde parents out there who may be juggling work commitments alongside staying on top of their children’s school calendar, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your Christmas shopping. Maintaining a proactive approach to your holiday shopping can help you make sure nobody’s forgotten in your very own Santa list.

To help you get a head start, we’ll be sharing our top tips for Ryde mums. Read on to learn how you can beat the holiday shopping crowds over this upcoming festive season.

Look for special deals and sales in the lead-up to Christmas

Although many may call Black Friday the biggest sales period of the year, there may still be plenty of deals on offer in the lead-up to Christmas. In fact, there may even be some exclusive deals you can take advantage of, so long as you know where to look.

For example, Ryde mums can shop on David Jones and many other Australian and global retailers via Qantas Shopping to earn Qantas Points with every purchase. In other words, you can reward yourself for getting your Christmas shopping out of the way nice and early this holiday season. And with plenty of  points racked up, you could have the bonus option of surprising your entire family with another Christmas present in the form of a holiday abroad.

Pro tip: if you are looking to get a head start on your Christmas shopping in order to turn your attention to planning a family vacation, then be sure to read our guide on flying with kids. This guide will help you prepare your little ones for a peaceful and comfortable first plane trip.

Jump online to pre-order items in time for Christmas

If you’ve got a few great ideas for Christmas pressies already in mind, then you may already be doing a little bit of web research to figure out where you may be able to buy these gift items in time for the festive season. If you’re lucky, there’ll be plenty of stock on-hand with local suppliers as well as online retailers. But as is the case for many avid gift shoppers over recent years, it’s more likely that all your more in-demand Christmas gift items will actually be on backorder, or perhaps even on pre-order.

If you foresee that you’ll be on the hunt for an in-demand item (be it the latest iPhone or a  gaming console), then you’ll thank yourself in the future for jumping online and ordering those gift items right now rather than a month or two down the road. With all your Christmas pre-orders finalised now, you can boost your chances of receiving those in-demand gift items in time for Christmas Day, meaning that nobody will have to wait till after New Year’s to receive their highly anticipated wishlist items.

Enquire with local vendors and business owners

If you’d much prefer to do some more in-person shopping rather than jumping online, then why not give your business to some local Ryde business owners instead of larger Aussie retailers this year? And for those seeking a little inspiration for their locally sourced Christmas presents, look no further than our little directory of independent Ryde businesses. From floristry services to gift hamper producers, there’s guaranteed to be a few great Christmas gift ideas on offer with these locally based small businesses.

If you are looking to partner with local vendors and business owners for your Christmas gifts this year, it’s also best to communicate what you need well in advance. Once again, this is because of ongoing global shipping delays, which has made it trickier for Australian business owners to maintain an abundance of stock. Nine times out of ten, however, your local vendors will be able to secure the gift items you’re after (or the supplies they’ll need to produce these gift items) so long as they’ve been given plenty of notice and have been able to maintain an open channel of communication with you.

Look into securing experiential gifts for your friends and family

Last but certainly not least, you may opt to do away with material Christmas gifts altogether this year and instead, give a gift that your family and other loved ones will be sure to cherish for years to come: an experience.

Experiential gifts can come in a wide variety of different forms, ranging from fun activities like a voucher for a trampolining centre, to special classes (i.e. cooking classes). All you really need to do to find the perfect experiential gift for all your loved ones, is to think about their interests and simply find an activity that’ll undoubtedly be a lot of fun for them specifically.

But experiential gifts don’t just have to be something as simple as movie tickets or a gift card to their favourite restaurant. In fact, experiential gifts can also come in the form of plane or train tickets and a booking at a nice hotel.

Or better still, your experiential gift could come in the form of a donation or another type of charitable gift. Charitable gifts can be organised on the spot without any concern for shipping delays. And they’re guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your most generous loved ones come Christmas Day.


Alongside the tips outlined above, Ryde mums are also encouraged to get a head start on other aspects of their Christmas preparation for 2023. If you’re planning to host your Christmas Lunch this year, then why not start prepping your ideal menu now? Or planning the day’s activities? Rest assured, doing a little bit of this foundational preparation now will definitely help alleviate some of the chaos that also seems to accompany the end of the year and the arrival of summer in Australia!