Ryde Park

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If you haven’t been to Ryde Park yet it’s time to pack your baby bag and head on over. We would go so far as to say this park is one of the most well-known parks in Ryde and here’s why:

It has a cafe (The Groundskeeper Cafe) with delicious Mediterranean food that is literally RIGHT NEXT TO the park. Like adjacent. On top of. Really close. Public Service Announcement: the cafe is closed on Tuesdays.

Not to mention:

  • it’s big and pretty with lots of space to chase birds

  • there’s plenty of parking all the way around the block (but be mindful of people’s driveways)

  • the equipment is fun and seems to keep kids from about 1 right up to about 7 entertained. The supanova (big spinning circle) and basket swing are particularly popular

  • there is a basketball court and a bike track for older kids

  • the low brick wall that lines the playground is the perfect distance and height for sitting and watching the kids play while sipping (guzzling) coffee and chatting (gasbagging) to those nearby!

While we like to mix it up and spread the love across lots of parks, we seem to return to Ryde Park again and again, especially when meeting friends from out of area, as it seems to have something for everybody and hits the spot.

Ryde ParkRyde Park
Ryde ParkRyde Park

RDM Rating

Age Range: 0-12

Coffee close by – 1

Great equipment – 1

Bike/scooter track – 1

Other noteworthy feature/s – 1 (basketball court)

Can host a party (bbq, tables, toilets) – 1/2 (no bbq and toilet wasn’t well serviced)

Gated / safe – 1 (safe)

TOTAL: 5.5 / 6



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