Harry Shelley Memorial Park, Hunters Hill

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This playground is a little beauty! located just down the road from hunters Hill Primary School, Harry Shelley Memorial Park is a great little playground that preschoolers will just love. Adults will love it too because it ticks many of the must-have boxes.



Firstly, the playground is completely covered by a shade sail which isn’t all that common, but it is fantastic. There are also lots of mature trees providing shade. Another big tick – the playground has a soft fall ground – winning! We also love that it is completely fenced, with openings at two different sides of the park. 

The playground also features:

  • swings
  • rock climbing
  • slides
  • bridges
  • cubby houses
  • coloured balls
  • and tunnels
  • space to kick a ball

After a good old play, it might be time to rest on one of the park benches or have a drink from the bubbler. See below for our park rating.



Getting There

Harry Shelly Memorial Park is located on Mount Street near Hunters Hill Public School. Parking is on Mount Street.




RDM Rating

Age range – 0 – 6 year olds
Coffee close by – 0
Shade Sails – 1
Bike/scooter track – 0
Noteworthy feature/s – 0
Can host a party (BBQ, tables, toilets) – 0
Gated / safe – 1 (fully fenced)
TOTAL: 2 / 6

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