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The Ryde District Mums Facebook Group is a place where mums can connect with other local mums, get advice, recommendations, learn about the local area and keep up to date with whats happening around Ryde.

To ensure things run smoothly, we have a few guidelines in place. If you see any posts that do not adhere to the guidelines, please report it via the ‘Report To Admin’ option (there is a small down arrow to the right of the post). If you’ve had a post removed, it is most likely because it doesn’t adhere to the Group Guidelines below. Ryde District Mums reserves the right to remove members without warning from the group where there is a breach of guidelines, as listed below:

  1. Respect, integrity and empathy are guiding principles in the group and part of expected conduct. If you cannot uphold these then this is not the group for you. We won’t be offended if you decide to remove yourself from the group
  2. If you have any issue with a member, admin, or how we run the group we ask that you contact us directly to discuss rather than having rants about admin or members – in this group and in other groups
  3. Have a think before you post an image as to whether it may be deemed inappropriate or offensive – if so, or you are unsure, please post in the comments. This includes such topics as: bodily fluids, nappy contents, rashes, injuries, creepy crawlies and personal information e.g. licence plates, screenshots, people’s pictures, your own home. Inappropriate images may be deleted at Admins discretion
  4. “Rant” posts will be closely monitored and may be deleted without notice
  5. No negative posts naming businesses – these types of posts can have terrible consequences for the business and generally has a negative impact on the group.  
  6. If you witness or are involved in an experience that you found concerning, rather than posting about it on Ryde District Mums we encourage you to report it to the appropriate authorities
  7. If a member asks for a recommendation for a specific product or service that you are in the business of selling, you are welcome to suggest yourself if relevant in response to the question. However, this must only be done to current topics in the group (posts that have been active in the last 24 hours). Members who search for older posts and start spamming the group in response to older questions will be removed
  8. Affiliated recommendations or “Public Service Announcements” (where the original poster is affiliated with the service) are not allowed. Anyone found writing affiliate recommendations will have their post removed and repeat offenders may be removed from the group. When COMMENTING on a post that asks for a recommendation, in the interest of trustworthiness, you must be upfront about your affiliation to the business – for example if it is your own business or if you are family or friend of the business.
  9. Do not send unsolicited private messages to members about your business. If you wish to contact someone in the group as a result of their post, please request their permission in the comments first and wait until they accept your offer. Spamming members about your business may result in removal from the group without warning. If you receive unsolicited messages, please alert admin
  10. No business posts except on business night, which is 8-9pm on this first and third Tuesday of the month (see business night guidelines for more information)
  11. No buy/swap/sell, free or wanted to buy posts, there are many local groups for this, e.g. this one
  12. Do not advertise your Facebook group in Ryde District Mums
  13. No asking for votes of any kind
  14. No charity/donation seeking posts (schools are exempt from this rule but please check with admin before posting)
  15. Job ads – please list jobs via this link 
  16. Events – please add to website calendar here ONLY (schools are exempt from this rule but please check with admin before posting) 
  17. Missing pets can be posted about
  18. For anonymous posts, please message our Facebook Page
  19. Never give out your address or phone number unless you are truly comfortable with thousands of strangers seeing it
  20. Take medical advice with a grain of salt, speak to your doctor for professional advice and feedback
  21. Do not share content. RDM is a supportive and closed community and membership is a privilege we all enjoy. People post personal and intimate information both anonymously and openly. We would appreciate people respect the privacy of the members and the group. Therefore, if it is determined that people are using information gleaned from the group to poke fun at other members or damage the name of the group in general, be it on Facebook, in another group or even on a blog/website, you will be removed

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