RDM Visits: Dolcini @ Lardelli Park, Putney Hill (CLOSED)

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You probably know Dolcini as the bustling, heaving cafe on Charles Street in Putney. But did you know they’ve also opened a kiosk just a short walk away in Lardelli Park, Putney Hill? It’s pretty much the most perfect thing that could ever happen to local cafe loving families.

Dolcini @ Lardelli Park boasts the deliciousness of the original Dolcini (PHEW – the Kiosk DOES have the full Dolcini menu!) but with a huge outdoor area to enjoy as well. The setting is peaceful and spacious with plenty of tables to eat at, and every Saturday there is a jumping castle and table tennis facilities available, not to mention plenty of grass to run around on.

Access to the Kiosk is excellent (as it must be for patients of the attached Rehabilitation Centre) so it’s definitely great for prams. Finish your breaky with a walk down to Lardelli Park playground and visit the ducks at the pond.

Lardelli Park Kiosk is a must do, and a perfect spot to catch up with friends and make a morning of it. Winner with a capital W!


Where: Outside the Clive Austin Conference Centre in the Royal Rehab – Susan Schardt Way, Putney

Time: 7.30am – 3pm every Saturday

Parking: All around Susan Schardt Way

Facebook: http://dolcini.com.au/wp/dolcini-on-the-hill/