We Tried the FREE Nanny Service at Rhodes Waterside

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by Jacqui Owens


Rhodes Waterside Nanny Service


I’m a regular user of FREE Nanny Service at Rhodes Waterside and there’s pretty much only one way to describe it: GREAT. Here’s the rundown on this fantastic service: 

  • The service is available Monday to Friday from 10am– 3pm for children 0-10 years of age
  • It is located at the Target end of the centre, opposite Kidstuff – you can’t miss it!
  • It’s compact but very well equipped, with plenty of stations and activities such as colouring/drawing, lego, cars, dolls and more
  • You can either drop your child(ren) at the Nanny Service or the Nanny can come shopping with you. For children 0-6 months old, the nanny must accompany you
  • You can use the service for either 1 hour (minimum) or 2 hours (maximum) hours per day
  • Bookings can be made via this link
  • Children can only leave with the person who dropped them off, evidenced by a driver’s licence
  • In terms of food and drink, only water is allowed
  • The maximum capacity of each Nanny is 3 children aged over 2 years or 2 children aged under 2
  • The nannies are supplied by Lullaby Nanny Share, Sydney’s leading nanny agency


Rhodes Waterside Nanny Service


On our first visit, my children took to the nannies immediately (the nannies are lovely and very professional!). While the going was good, I took the opportunity to say a quick goodbye and be on my way! 

So there I was – Unencumbered..! Unaccompanied..! Free to do whatever I pleased (within the walls of the shopping centre..!). The feeling was almost crippling. But don’t worry, I got over that in about 45 seconds and headed straight to Peter Alexander. The freedom must have gone to my head because I accidentally bought 3 pairs of matching kids’ pyjamas (swore I never would but now can’t resist a bit of matchy matchy). I then browsed the rest of the shops I usually avoid with small children in tow and grabbed a couple of things at Coles with a clear head and a focussed mind. What a treat! 

I was tempted to go to IKEA but resisted the urge and eventually made my way back to the Nanny Service. While on my way I received a phone call from the Nanny Service telling me that my oldest daughter needed to go to the toilet. Good timing. I showed my ID, picked up the kids and thanked the kind Nannies very much for giving this mum some much needed retail therapy! 

After such a great experience and the fact my kids loved it so much, I’ve used it many times since the above encounter and will continue to do so!


Rhodes Waterside Nanny Service


This is a sponsored post but the words and thoughts in the article are a genuine reflection of my experience.