Hardy Park, Ryde

Also known as “that park with the Wombat bones”, Hardy Park on Buffalo Road, Ryde is a sweet little discovery in more ways than one.

The playground was upgraded in March 2016 and features the bones of a Diprotodon, also known as the Giant Wombat, the largest marsupial that ever existed. After discovering the bones, Ryde Council decided to keep them at the park and turn the site into a Dinosaur digging pit. Along with the Dino-Dig site, there is a giant femur bone modelled into a seat, as well as slides, swings, climbing elements and a boardwalk through a grove of casuarinas. 



The park has nice tree coverage and lots of places to sit however the playground does not have shade sails which we know RDMs love. It’s pram friendly and has multiple entry points. There’s lots of grass so great to have a picnic! 

The park is on busy Buffalo Road so of course is gated, although our kids (3 and 4) could open the gate so that’s something to keep an eye on.

In terms of play equipment, you’ll find swings, a slide, cubby house, a sand pit and of course the bones! Overall, a novel place for a park meet and a bit of dino-discovery on the side!



Getting there

Hardy Park is located at 106 Buffalo Road, Ryde. Parking is along Buffalo Road.


RDM Rating:

Age Range: 0-5

Coffee close by – 0

Shade sails – 0

Bike/scooter track – 0

Noteworthy feature/s – 1 (dino bones!)

Can host a party (bbq, tables, toilets) – 0

Gated/safe – 1

TOTAL: 2 / 6 (still a great little park)