How To Finally Get Back Into Your Skinny Jeans (Especially For Busy Mums) 

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by Daniel Munday, DPM Transformations

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I know how you’re probably feeling right now.

No, not cause I’m a mid 30 something woman trying to juggle the demands of a couple of kids, working and everyday life.

Of course not.

But because I’ve been able to help busy mums just like you lose the stubborn 5-10kg that they can’t seem to shift no matter how hard they’ve tried in the past.

I also know exactly what they’re looking for and the demands they face day to day. Exactly the same position that you may well be in right now. Especially after a crazy Christmas season. 

I’m also a busy Dad myself who’s trying to juggle pretty much the same things you are. So, when I say I get it, trust me I do.

It’s all well and good to give you a perfect world list of ways you can get rid of those cheeky 5-10kgs.

But that’s the same stuff you’ll find inside some Body and Soul magazine. Which may work great if you’re 25, single and with an easy job. Not exactly doable for your life, right?

So, let’s get into four simple things that will actually work for a busy mum just like you. Because I know you can’t just get 8 hours of sleep each night right now – no matter how much you’d die for it!

1) Grab a friend to be accountable to: 

The reason why I have had a successful business for the last 11.5 years is because people need someone to be accountable to. 

Someone who will keep you on track, motivate you when you fall off and help you actually do what you said you would do. Grab a friend and do it together!

2) It doesn’t take as long as you think: 

You don’t need to commit and hour each day every day of the week. We both know you can’t commit to that. 

What if I told you that you could lose those stubborn 5-10kg with as little as one hour of exercise per week? Yep per week. Take 20 minutes three times a week and do something that will get your heart rate up. 

3) Draw a line in the sand:

Instead of saying to yourself “I’m starting Monday” every week and doing nothing about it. Start small. Say enough is enough no matter what day it is and pick something, anything, that you can do to change things.

It might be something as simple as not having that glass of wine or two with dinner. Save that for the weekend. It might be doing 10 minutes of alternating between squats, planks and push ups after the kids go to bed or while they’re watching Play School.

4) Write down your end goal:

And don’t just write it down and forget about it. Write down when you’re going to have it done by. Plus, write down in a diary or on your phone calendar one thing that you have to do each day to make that goal happen. I

It might be something as simple as remembering to drink enough water. It might be squeezing in enough time to get a quick workout in. It might be planning your meals out for the week on a Sunday night so you don’t grab the quick fix when you’re tired and can’t be bothered.

So, what do you think? Doable?

It really isn’t as hard to lose that 5-10kg as you think it may be. Even when you’re a busy mum with a thousand things to cross off each day as the many busy mums who’ve done my transformation program will agree.

If you feel like you need that extra accountability and coaching, not to mention the added encouragement that someone like me can provide, you may be interested in the next edition of the next edition of the DPM 4 Week Busy Mums Transformation challenge that is starting Monday January 16.

You can find out more information and apply to be one of the 20 mums considered for this program here

Daniel Munday is a Body Transformation Specialist who helps busy mums drop the stubborn 5-10kg that they’ve struggled to lose in as little as four weeks with his Busy Mums Transformation System. You can find out more information here

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