Brain Camp

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When:22/04/2024 - 23/04/2024 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Where:West Pymble Public School
Apollo Avenue Pymble
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Brain Camp
Have fun discovering how the brain and mind work
At Brain Camp, kids learn how to be real scientists exploring how the mind and brain work. They’ll have the opportunity to play, discover, learn, problem solve, and create.
What Brain Camp is All About

At Brain Camp, “discover” isn’t just a word; it’s an exciting adventure into the mysteries of the mind and the brain. Kids have the opportunity to perform lots of fun, hands-on experiments where they get to experience the thrill of scientific discovery.

Kids can let their imagination soar. From sculpting colourful brains using playdoh to designing complex domino structures to understand brain circuits in action, every activity is a canvas for their imagination to run wild.
At Brain Camp, the “learning” journey is an exciting rollercoaster ride through the wonders of the mind and brain. With carefully designed activities, learning is active and spontaneous. Learning about the electrifying world of neuroscience will never be more fun!
Designed and run by two internationally renowned neuroscientists
Kids get to learn the latest facts from the experts in a fun and safe environment that will spark their love of science and exploration.
Our mission is to inspire young minds to explore the wonders of the science of the brain through engaging and immersive summer programs. We believe in fostering a lifelong love of learning by providing hands-on experiences that delve into the fascinating world of neuroscience.
How does it work?
2-day immersive program from 9am-3pm
Ideal for grade 5-6 students