Hippy Hop, It’s Easter Bunny Craft!

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by Tracey Lynch

It’s officially Lent which means that Easter is less than 40 days away. If you, like me, are craft inept as opposed to craft adept, then look no more. This fun little Easter craft kept my 3.5 year old entertained for well over an hour and left me patting my own back for the ease of it all!

And because even when we’re having fun we’re also learning at this age, this craft project comes with a side serve of personal development. She was tuning her fine motor skills, developing her hand eye coordination, strengthening her hand muscles and by encouraging her to cut independently she also learnt how to make her cuts efficiently and precisely! Dare I say it an OT’s dream craft project for this age!

There are no fancy pants tools or supplies required, and if you’ve recently done a renovation and have loads of paint sample cards then you’re home and hosed, otherwise a trip to Bunnings may be in order!

All you need is:

  • Paint sample swatches 
  • PVA glue (or gloopy glue if Mr Maker is your thing)
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Scissors
  • Bunny shape to as a template

Simply trace the bunny template onto some paint sample swatches, cut the shape out and glue on the cotton ball tail, and hey presto, you’ll have a fluffle of bunnies in no time!