Movie Review: Tully

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by Kate Sawtschuk, RDM editor


When I saw the preview of the 2018 film Tully, I was not particularly keen to see it. It shows an exhausted and miserable m…

Belonging and Feeling Accepted

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There is a strong yearning within each of us to belong and be accepted, whether it be part of a family or a social group. Sadly, some people are not accep…

The Importance of Dad Time

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Until around the 1970s, there were mostly clear and defined roles for Mums and Dads. The Mother would stay at home or be the main caretaker and emotional supp…

Losing My 11 Day Old Baby

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by Jess B

My name is Jess and I’m a local mum of 4 beautiful children. I have wanted to write about the story of Jack (my second born) but I didn’t know wher…

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