Big Plans For Ryde: Schools, Ryde Hospital, Sports Facilities and More

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We caught up with State Member for Ryde Victor Dominello to chat about all things local, from schools to roads, Ryde hospital, and other local facilities. 

Some of today’s discussion points were continued from previous meetings we had with Victor which you can read about here and here. They might help with context and background!

So let’s get into our 2021 catch up:




Midtown MacPark  – (previously Ivanhoe Estate) Primary School and new High School at Macquarie Park

Frazers, Midtown MacPark developers have included a school in the development and have now proposed a primary school.  Just down the road will be the State Government High School which is effectively reinstating the old Peter Board High School (closed in by a previous government 1998).  This will be opened within 3-5 years.

Read more here.


Peter Board High School

Sold by a former government and then re-acquired by the Berejiklian government in 2017, Gladys’ former high school will re-open again in 3-5 years.


Marsden High School and Meadowbank Public School relocation

On day 1 term 1 2022, Meadowbank Public School and Marsden High School students will start at their new relocated school – the Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct (currently known as Meadowbank Tafe).

The Precinct will cater for 1,000 primary school students, 1,500 secondary school students and a further 120 Intensive English Centre students.

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Meadowbank Public School and Marsden High School Sites 

The community will be consulted with regard to old primary school site – community may decide to keep some of the infrastructure, such as the community hall or the playground – what is guaranteed is that this area will be for the community.

The old high school site will be a purpose-built netball facility with indoor courts enabling state-level games to be played and 32 outdoor courts.


Completed Schools



Ryde Hospital

In 2019 the NSW Government announced a $479 million investment to build a new Ryde Hospital. It was announced late last year that the hospital will be relocated to the Macquarie University campus.

The aim of co-locating the hospital with the university is to create a health and education hub that brings new opportunities for research in addition to training and education. There will also be:

  • Improved access to public transport including rail and bus.
  • Improved access to the hospital by road for emergency services and people coming to hospital by car.
  • Opportunity for the new Hospital to be redeveloped as a ‘smart’ hospital linking Macquarie University’s expertise in health innovations and health systems as well as taking advantage of advances in digital and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
  • Opportunity for collaboration with Macquarie University on medical and health services research and clinical trials particularly in areas of the university’s strengths such as motor neurone disease (MND), dementia, cardiovascular disease, cancer, hearing and health systems.
  • Provide a better teaching environment for medical students and create stronger linkages between Macquarie University and Ryde Hospital for those studying medical and allied health degrees.
  • Staff access to Macquarie University campus grounds with education and professional development opportunities, childcare, sports and aquatic facilities and additional open space.
  • Staff and visitor access to a nearby major shopping precinct.

The Ryde Hospital site would remain in public ownership and the hospital buildings such as the Graythwaite Rehabilitation Centre and the heritage-listed Denistone House would remain in public ownership for health and wellbeing services for the local community.

The hospital will continue to be publicly owned and operated by Northern Sydney Local Health District.

Read more here.


Roads and Transport 


Bus Timetable Changes

On the 24th January, 2021 changes came into effect for a range of NSW bus services. Those that most impacted Ryde residents related to changes to the M52, 515 and 518 services. 

We asked for Victor’s comments on the matter.  He explained that the changes made were based on data and that going forward in this new COVID environment there are likely to be ongoing changes in usage. Transport NSW will continue to monitor Opal data and people’s travel patterns as they return to work and will review the bus services accordingly.


West Ryde Bottleneck

The West Ryde Bottleneck under the rail bridge between West Parade and Hermitage Road, West Ryde will be widened.  Investigations started in early 2020 and are continuing as consideration must be given to the Sydney Water site, infrastructure under and beside the road and this is all be done with as little disruption to the train services between Meadowbank and West Ryde.  It is anticipated that the construction will start in within 2 – 3 years.


Other facilities and services


ERNA netball courts

ERNA’s new $30 million facilities on the Marsden High School site at West Ryde can commence once the school is relocated. The proposal features four indoor courts, 32 outdoor courts and plenty of parking.


Macquarie Centre Ice Rink

In 2018 AMP lodged an application with Ryde council to redevelop Macquarie Centre with no plans to rebuild the ice rink.

After much work from local and state Govt including petitions, heritage listing snd other efforts, the plans now include a world-class Olympic-sized rink, 3905sqm in size and tiered stadium seating for 1,150 spectators. 

Digital space

Victor is the Member for Ryde and holds a Cabinet position in the NSW Government as Minister for Customer Service.  The following projects apply to all of NSW.


Dining vouchers

$100 worth of Dine & Discover vouchers will be available to all NSW residents by the end of March in a staged roll out that started last week in the Northern Beaches.

Using a QR code linked to the Service NSW app, residents can access 2 x $25 vouchers which can be spent on dining and 2 x $25 vouchers on entertainment and recreation.

There will be a non-digital option available to residents through Service NSW offices (nearest to our area is located at Macquarie Centre) over the counter and through their phone contact 137788.

Read more here.


Digital Blue book

A ‘digitised Blue Book’ is currently being piloted in Western Sydney that would give parents better access and control over their child’s critical health information, as well as help them track key milestones and improve the coordination of care. Access to the blue book will be via the Govt eHealth Portal. 

A state-wide rollout will take place in 2022. 

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