6 Trifle Recipes Sure to Impress

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by Rebecca Lee

To me, Christmas isn’t complete without a huge bowl of layered sweetness. We eat our trifle at lunchtime, but continue to graze into the night and well into Boxing Day. 

Trifle is the ultimate Christmas dessert because there is no cooking involved. Just remember to give yourself time to let the jelly set between layers!


1. Traditional – a little bit retro

Typically made with custard, jelly and sponge rolls, the traditional trifle is nostalgic to many, particularly the expats amongst us.

For the traditional flavours of Christmas- give this triple-tested recipe from the Australian Women’s Weekly a go. 



2. Italian style – Panettone and liqueur

I must have been Italian in a former life. Every year I gaze at the beautifully boxed panettone’s waiting to be unwrapped and devoured on Christmas Day. This Ultimate panettone Christmas trifle brings together buttery soft panettone with hazelnuts, mascarpone and berries – Bellissimo! 



3. For grown-ups – Coffee and Raspberry Trifle

This one I have road-tested myself and it was an absolute dream! The coffee was a nice little pick-me-up at the end of the meal and the Flake was just enough chocolate to feel good about yourself!



4. Aussie style – Tropical flavours

It’s not uncommon to sizzle through an Aussie Christmas. Replace berries and jam for mangos, passionfruit and lime, spiked with coconut liqueur and pineapple juice.

Check out the full recipe here!



5. For the Paleo people – Summer Trifle with Coconut Cream and Berry Jelly

This recipe by celebrity chef Pete Evans is very long as each element is made from scratch, but it’s so good your friends and family probably won’t know its Paleo. Tell them though, because you’ll want praise for all your efforts!



6. For the Chocoholics- Death by Nutella 

Nutella seems to have been the buzz ingredient of 2016, so why not finish it off with this Nutella mousse trifle for Nutella-holics, layered with strawberries to cut through the richness.





Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas! x


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