Why Run?

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by Mel from Boobs on the Run


I hear so many objections to why a person can’t run…. “I’m too old”, “I’m not fit”, “I don’t have time”, “I have dodgy knees”… the list really goes on! Now I will provide you with the opposite opinion with 10 reasons to get out running:

1. “Me” time (believe me after week 3 you will want to do the handover of the kids to your partner and head out the door!)
2. Clears the head
3. Amazing stress relief
4. More energy – better than any sugar or coffee fix
5. The after-buzz
6. The feeling of getting fit
7. The feeling of achievement every time, every step
8. Feel physically and mentally brighter afterwards
9. The surprise of how far you’re able to go
10. Feel strong and healthy


Boobs on the RunBoobs on the Run


At the end of my Get Running 10 program, the women who have tried it can’t believe the dynamic changes they have gone through – running 1 minute on week 1 to running 30 minutes 10 weeks later. We have had over 600 women through our courses who have done just that.

Our course not only teaches you to run, but we provide you with a support network where you can ask questions, make arrangements to do your “homework” with other runners and feel part of a community. We help you through this step by step. We also have specialists on board to help with that niggle (your knee, your leg, your elbow, etc.!), buying the right shoes and of course the right sports bra!

Believe me when I say you will feel better, eat better, sleep better and that it makes your family dynamic work so much more efficiently. You are also showing an amazing example to your kids. They see how much you like this running lark and want to join you. You are also helping local cancer charities as $10 of each course fee is donated.

If you would like any information on Boobs on the Run, please head to our website or feel free to email me at mel@boobsontherun.com.au



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