McIlwaine Park – Brays Bay Reserve, Rhodes

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You’ve not doubt driven past Mcllwaine Park, it can be seen from Concord Road. Part of Brays Bay Reserve, this popular playground has plenty to offer, starting with a beautiful outlook over the Parramatta River! The Reserve features:

  • a great playground
  • toilets, BBQs and 6 covered picnic tables
  • Oliveto Restaurant
  • Kokoda Memorial Walkway
  • Kokoda Cafe



In terms of the playground, there are 2 play areas, one for older children and one for younger children. The play area for younger children is fully fenced and has soft fall ground (hurrah!). Equipment includes:

  • slides
  • swing
  • a cubby house with a bridge
  • a rocker and more

Unfortunately the younger kids area does not have a shade sail, but there are plenty of mature trees around to cast shadows in the afternoon.


McIlwaine Park, Rhodes


The older kids play area is set on sand and fortunately it does have shade sails! It features:

  • a climbing net
  • 3 slides
  • a flying fox
  • monkey bars and much more

Due to having such excellent facilities, the Reserve makes for an excellent picnic spot, although the secret is well and truly out on that!! It can get very busy, on public holidays especially.



Kokoda Memorial Walkway

The Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway is a peaceful, historical walk that spans about 800 metres between Rhodes Station to Concord Hospital. The walk is very pram friendly and flat. Along the way you will find the Kokoda Cafe, where you can stop for a snack and a drink! (PSA: The cafe is NOT open on Mondays!). Entry to the Memorial Walk is via the Memorial Rose Garden.


Getting There

Mcllwaine Park is located on the corner of Concord Road and Mary Street in Brays Bay Reserve, Rhodes. The Reserve has it’s own dedicated parking with plenty of spots available.



RDM Rating

Age range: 0-8 years old

Coffee close by: 1 – (Kokoda Cafe, if you do the trail. Or Oliveto Restaurant might be able to help you out)

Shade sail: 0.5 – (some shade sails and shade from mature trees)

Bike/scooter track: 1 (just outside the playground)

Noteworthy feature/s: 1 (beautiful Reserve)

Can host a party (BBQ, tables, toilets): 1 (toilets are about 50m from playground)

Gated / safe: 0.5 – the younger kids play area is fully fenced but the older kids play area is open and somewhat close to busy Concord Road.

TOTAL: 5/ 6


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