Top 10 ‘Most Viewed’ Articles of 2017

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As we draw closer to the end of 2017 we thought we’d look back at our most popular articles of the year. It’s pretty clear from our website statistics that Ryde District Mums love getting out and about, and with over 424k page views of our website this year, we hope we’ve helped you navigate this awesome place we all call home. 

We’re looking forward to bringing you plenty more good stuff in 2017 but for now, here is the Top 10 most read articles of 2017!


10. Local Family Friendly Bush Walks

Turns our RDMs love a bit of fresh air and nature. And why wouldn’t they? What a fantastic part of the globe to explore. Check out the article here.



9. 11 Rainy Day Activities Around Ryde

There’s plenty of things to do around Ryde – even when it’s raining, and RDMs will be there with bells (and raincoats) on. Read the article here.


Rainy Day


8. Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme: The Low Down

This new initiative garnered lots of interest from RDMs and we’re lucky to have many collection points nearby. Read more here


7. 10 Local Pubs, Clubs and Hotels with a Kids Play Area

It looks like RDMs love family meal out, and where better than a place where the kids can enjoy themselves too! Read the article here.


Putney Bowlo


6. The Best Water Parks in Sydney!
We have some awesome water parks in and around Ryde and it looks like RDMs are into them, big time! Read about them here.



5. Where Can I Donate My…….
RDMs are a generous bunch and as such, the question “Where can I donate XYZ?” often comes up in the group. Read the article here.


4. 10 New Cafes Around Town

Turns out mums love a cafe out and there were lots of new one in Ryde to try this year! Read the article here.


Bare Witness


3. Review: Hattrick, Macquarie Centre
Hattrick, Vogue Cafe and The Missing Piece at Macquarie Centre are all owned by the same family, and RDMs are not the only ones absolutely loving their stuff! Read more here. 



2. Where to Find a Justice of the Peace (J.P.)

We all need a JP at one point or another and it’s a common question in the group. Read more here. 



1. Playgroups in the Ryde Area

The fact this was the most viewed article on our website this year goes to show how family and community focussed RDMs are. There are SO many fantastic playgroup options in our area – be sure to check out this article!




What would you like to see more of in 2017? Let us know by emailing us here!