We Trialled Fat Freezing @ Body Sculpting Clinics Macquarie Centre + RDM Discount

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Sometimes as mums, we notice little things about ourselves that have changed since having children. For one reason or another, we might wish something about ourselves looked different – perhaps it’s that our clothes fit a little looser or smoother or just differently.  We are hard on ourselves and our appearance – but we need to remember what our bodies have been through to create our beautiful children and how amazing we are to be able to sustain another human! Having said that, it IS OK to want to explore some self-care ideas!
With that in mind, we recently looked into Body Sculpting Clinics at Macquarie Centre, meeting with Rosa and her wonderful team. You might have seen the store up near JB HiFi and opposite Chipmunks. It’s the kind of service that can help give the inner-confidence we might need to shake off those insecurities.


So what does Body Sculpting Clinics Macquarie Centre offer?

A whole range of treatments including but not limited to:

  • fat reduction – medical cryolipolysis, HIFU body sculpting, double chin reduction & jawline sculpting
  • cosmetic injections – anti-wrinkle, dermal fillers, cellulite reduction, non-surgical butt lift & sculpting, lip enhancement, under-eye circles
  • cellulite treatments
  • skin treatments – skin needling, RF face rejuvenation, ultrasound therapy, skin tightening, RF collagen rejuvenation


Fat Freezing

We had fat freezing. So how does it work, what was involved and is it really pain-free?

Below is a photo of the fat freezing machine. You are set up in your own private room in a relaxing recliner (ultimate mumma chill time!) and the machine is attached to the areas when you want fat frozen. The machine then works to ‘suck’ in the area and slowly freeze the subdermal fat. The temperatures drops as you build up a tolerance. While the machines do their magic, you can sit back and watch some Netflix (and not kids shows!!).

After the process is finished, one of the team will come back in and massage the area you had treatment on to send the frozen cells back into your body. As they have been frozen, they are now dead which means your body will naturally start to expel them. All up, you are in and out in an hour so it’s not a lengthy process.

It DOES NOT HURT. Yes, it feels very cold and perhaps a little uncomfortable but there’s no pain as such.

In the days following the treatment, you can sometimes notice some tenderness or minor bruising and numbness, but this is normal, mild and subsides quickly.

Typically you need 4-6 treatments (about 4 weeks apart) to see results and results take about 12 weeks from treatment to show.




Being only 2 treatments in, we can’t yet show any results but here are some before-and-afters of current Body Sculpting Clinics clients who have had fat freezing.


Next Steps

You can head in for a free consultation to chat to one of the qualified team members about your areas of concern. They will advise a treatment plan for you and talk you through the process.

RDM Discount Code!

Your first appointment is will be a massive 50% off when you mention you’re from Ryde District Mums!!

For more information, visit them at: https://www.bodysculptingclinics.com.au/north-ryde-macquarie-centre

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