The Easter Show on a Budget! 2017 Edition

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by Jessica Matthews

Surprisingly, I think yes and I will show you how, as I went myself last week. I believe you can do the show with a family of 4 for $240 including tickets, parking, showbags, rides, food & a little change. Here is how…


  • Tickets – $116 Family Pass – 2 adults, 2 kids + $2.50 booking fee

  • Parking (P1 Station) – $25 (you can save this if you do public transport which is included in ticket price)

  • Rides – $21.10

  • Showbags – $56

  • Food – $20

TOTAL: $240.60

Excited and want more details?


  • Firstly the Family Pass at the cost of $116 is an online price so buy direct at:
  • You can make further savings by purchasing at participating Woolworths stores. For our area: Ermington, West Ryde, Macquarie Centre only- NOT Top Ryde. 
  • If you don’t mind going after 4pm there are afternoon/evening prices for more savings! You can view these via the above link. Alternatively, the last day of the show is known as Kids Day. Kids tickets are only $12.50 instead of $23.


Getting There

The cost of public transport is included in your ticket price and all the information as to bus and train routes can be found here. In the past you could purchase your show ticket on board however this is no longer the case. All tickets must be prepurchased or bought at the Show itself.

Where I live it isn’t easy to get the bus to the show, so I drove. The parking is $25 in P1which is behind Qudos Bank Arena – I recommend you access from Parramatta Rd side otherwise you have to do a big loop and come around via Newington as the main access is closed for the show.


For the rides you need to use coupons. For $21.10 you get 23 coupons ($20 for 22 and then 1 extra for $1.10). Most rides in the kids carnival are 4 to 8 coupons e.g. the Big Slide is 3 coupons, pony rides are 8 coupons. The kids swings and carousel were 4 coupons each and kids can go alone on these as they are gentle easy rides – no cost for you if you accompany your child on the carousel.

We also had to go on the bigger carousel, because the horses had the Cinderella style head wear/feathers however the original one did not. I kid you not, this was Ava’s reasoning and hey, fair enough! 


I have calculated for one showbag at $28. The majority are $26-$30, but of course there is the Berty Beetle bag starting at a simple gold coin or other chocolate ones for $10.


We took snacks including crackers, carrot sticks, cheese & popcorn and water. But you’re at a show and kids will want a special treat (as if the show isn’t enough!!?!?), so for $5 per person I have a solution. There’s a food truck near the kids carnival, and another inside the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome that does cheese toasties for $2 and a 300ml moove for $3, so for $5 per person and there is your treat! As a guide, a bag of fairy floss is $5, cup of Fresh Lemonade $5, Cheese on a Stick $5, bottle of water $5, soft drink $5.50

Free Stuff

There is actually so much to see and do that’s free that it’s insane! It’s highly under-recognised and under-appreciated in my opinion. For example; near the volunteer meeting point, just outside the Arts and Crafts, there is a kids sandpit complete with buckets, spades etc. Then right next door to that kids could plant seeds and do gardening! (FYI there is a pharmacy 10m from here if needed!). Inside the Arts and Crafts, kids can paint a masterpiece and enter into the competition. They can also watch craft demonstrations like wood work.

The Woolworths dome which houses the District Exhibit (a display of each district’s finest produce) is great for kids; they can have their photo taken in the tractor, listen to a kids-specific farmer talk, watch a kid friendly cooking demonstration, pretend to shop, dig up potatoes and other root vegetables, watch them making pies, and so much more!

Right nearby the dome is a  brand new (and FREE!) exhibit called Little Hands on the Land. Kids are given an apron to wear and bucket to carry, then navigate 9 stations including a chook shed, fruit orchard, sheep shed, vegie patch, cow shed, pony barrel race and an outback tractor pull. Next stop, the farmers’ market where produce collected along the way is traded for farm dollars which can be spent at the final destination – Woolworths supermarket. For our farm dollar we received a packet of popcorn and were able to have a rest at the end. 

Next – of course the animals!

Follow the animal walk to visit all the farm animal pavilions. Pick up a “passport” outside the Sheep and get a stamp for each animal you visit. There are shows around these sheds/arenas and lots to see. In the Poultry  you can pat a baby chick, and next door are the goats and pigs where you can meet some cute little piglets! Be sure to check the allocated times though.They also had baby chickens hatching under a heat lamp – it was amazing to watch the eggs cracking and the baby chickens coming out.

At the Woolworths Food Farm, there are the baby farm animals – adorable. There are more than 800 animals which are rotated so they get a break too. You can buy a cup of food for $1 to feed the animals. 

We also watched the Dairy Farmers milking display which Ava loved – when we next went to the supermarket,  she couldn’t tell me enough about how the milk got to the supermarket and why! 

I took along lots of wet wipes and antibacterial gel but I didn’t need to – after each animal interaction area there was excellent facility to wash your hands with soap and paper towel. Plus the toilets we used were very well maintained.


The wood chopping- another exciting pitt stop for the whole family. While you’re down that end you could also go the dog area and watch a dog show!

Spotless Stadium has a whole heap of shows throughout the day, from show jumping, to motocross and stunt cars. Its a good place to rest tired legs and have a snack. Heaps of toilets here too.

I was so pleased and surprised and I wish we could have stayed longer and done more of the free things- such as the Poppy and Branch show at The Amphitheatre- but we ran out of time!

My tips:

  • Pre purchase tickets via Ticketmaster or Woolworths to save a few $$ and avoid the queues on arrival.
  • Download the Easter Show FREE App as the map on arrival doesn’t contain all the information about show times etc
  • Take your own snacks and water, there are FREE water refill stations throughout the showground
  • There are ATMs within the show ground however the queues are extensive. A Commonwealth Bank ATM is located right next to the Sydney Olympic Park train station on Dawn Fraser Ave
  • There are 2 entries to the Showbag pavilion. The 2nd and quieter one, is located at the corner of the pavilion, at the corner where the rides begin.
  • Explain to your kids they get 2 rides and 1 showbag each as when you get there it can be so overwhelming and exciting it’s hard for little ones to focus!
  • For safety, I used a wrist band (pic below) and wrote Avas name and my name / number on it incase we got separated. They are great, and resuable! 


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