Parramatta Actors Centre – School Holiday Activities Guide

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Western Sydney’s Top-Rated, Family-Run Acting School!

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Founded by Lebanese-Australian actress and award-nominated writer Nisrine Amine and her siblings Laura and George, Parramatta Actors Centre has served over 1000 kids & teens from Western Sydney since it opened in 2018.

Bring your child along to one of our upcoming School Holiday workshops this January and join our PAC family.



“Through warm, friendly, and encouraging classes, I have seen my daughter’s confidence grow and drama class soon became the highlight of her busy week!” – Yan, Guildford

“A wonderful place where kids learn, become more confident and grow into themselves. My son loves it so much his dream is to become an actor.”- Sylvia, Parramatta

“She feels so much better about herself because of PAC and she’s very grateful for what it has given her. She interacts more freely and is definitely not a people pleaser anymore.” – Marco, Rydalmere

Check out happy snaps of our PAC community here.



2-Day Acting Workshops For Kids & Teens in Parramatta


Wed 17/Thur 18 January 10-4pm

Theatre & Writing Workshop: Over the course of the two days, students will brainstorm, draft, write, perform and direct scenes and using simple props, costumes and music, they will share these new pieces of writing in front of an audience of family and friends.

Wed 24 /Thur 25 January 10-4pm

Film & TV Acting Workshop: In this 2-day holiday workshop, students will learn how to act in front of a camera. They will be given a script and be required to memorise lines and rehearse with a scene partner. On the second day, they will film these scenes in front of a camera and then watch back over them with their classmates.


Thur 18/Fri 19 January 10-4pm

Film & TV Acting Workshop: Acting for the camera, memorising scripts/lines, performing to camera confidently, taking direction.

Wed 24/Thur 25 January 10-4pm

Monologues & Auditions Workshop: This course is ideal for those students in upper high school (inc. HSC students) who want to become more confident with performing monologues.

+ Use the code RYDE25 to get $25 off! +


  • Location: All workshops are held at the Arts and Cultural Exchange, 8 Victoria Road Parramatta 2150
  • Cost: $300 for all workshops
  • Discounts: Creative Kids voucher ($50 off), sibling discount (10%)
  • Teachers: Enthusiastic, supportive, Working With Children certified
  • Class sizes: Max 12 students

View our website for more details or if you’re ready to rock n roll, simply book here.

+ Use the code RYDE25 to get $25 off! +

If you have any other questions, call us on 180 0828 144 or email 

Much love and happiness,

Nisrine Amine and the PAC family.