Lachlan’s Line Park, Macquarie Park

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This particular park might be the very definition of ‘hidden gem’ as it doesn’t even have its own Google map yet! Lachlan’s Line Park is part of the Lachlan’s Village Square Precinct, a master planned community that has been dubbed the gateway to the Macquarie Park employment corridor between the North Ryde and Macquarie Park train stations. The precinct features residential apartments, high-quality open spaces, parks, playgrounds and retail spaces.

The project was first announced in 2013 by the state government (with $150 million dollars invested by the government for the $2.1 billion dollar project) and the playground was officially opened early 2017.



So, what does this playground have to offer? There is lots to love about this park!

Firstly, it’s great for kids of all ages, with not only a play area for preschool / primary school aged kids but also has an introductory skate park area – perfect for the tweens and young teens.

It also features a small water play area with a concrete water path and wheel for the kids to play with.

In terms of play equipment, the kids will love this fortress of fun! There are slides, tunnels, bucket swings, firemen’s poles, ladders, mini rock climbing walls, spinning stations, fortresses and more!

We love that the park has a fantastic flat grassy area that is alongside a covered seating area with tables and BBQs  – great for kicking a ball or hosting a party. There are toilet facilities too that are still fairly ‘new’ looking!

This is definitely one to check out if you live in the area before grabbing lunch somewhere at Lachlan’s Village Square!


Getting There


The playground is located on Jarvis Cct, Macquarie Park. You’ll find parking on Halifax St, just off Wicks and Waterloo Rd. There is 2P free parking on the side of both sides of the road.




RDM Rating

Age range: 1– 18 years

Coffee close by: 1 – yes, Lachlan’s Village Square

Shade sails: 0.5 – shade at tables, BBQ, bathroom area & umbrellas positioned around play areas to be opened in the heat

Bike/scooter track: 1 – there is the skate area that is generally pretty quiet so kids could have a go there.

Noteworthy feature/s: 1 – this park has everything all jammed into one so deserves the full point.

Can host a party (BBQ, tables, toilets): 1 – has BBQ, tables, toilets & a large grass area.

Gated / safe: 0.5 – away from the street, built up and some rails/fences, stone walls/hedges

TOTAL: 5 / 6


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