Review: Putney Dental Care

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by Rebecca Lee

Hands up who has an irrational fear of the dentist? I think my fear of the dentist was passed on to me by my mother, who to this day shudders at the thought of going. After seeing her reaction, I too thought it was the scariest place on earth and had to be sedated with laughing gas for my routine check-up and clean. Fast forward a couple of decades and I’m happy to report that I’ve had some wonderful dental experiences, so when I went along to Putney Dental Care I had very high expectations- and did not leave disappointed.

scary dentist

The Big Day

Upon arrival I was offered tea and coffee (I politely declined as I had just spent an extra 10 minutes brushing and flossing to suitably impress my new dentist!) and was shown to the waiting area.

Dr Danielle greeted me and showed me through to the very modern clinic. I settled back in the chair whilst she explained what she was about to do:

  • Check of my mouth for any warning signs relating to oral cancer
  • Tooth by tooth examination and mapping so Dr Danielle could get a full understanding of what was going on in my mouth
  • Deep clean and removal of plaque build-up using a special air polisher machine
  • Digital X-Rays and photos to look at bone density in my mouth and jaw

PDC clinicj

The Good News

Aside from being lovely, friendly and exceptionally gentle, one thing I noticed throughout my treatment at Putney Dental Care was that Dr Danielle took the time to explain every step to me along the way. I think knowing the reasons behind what she was doing made it much easier to relax. The TV overhead was also a welcome distraction!

Dr Danielle

The Bad News

After Dr Danielle had examined, x-rayed, cleaned, flossed and polished my smile, we sat down in the office to discuss a course of action for a couple of issues she had found. Then she said it. I need to have a filling replaced (cue instant sweaty palms). I was assured however, that these days, modern practices such as PDC use a tool called The Wand (fancy!). Apparently it really is magic and a far less painful way to deliver anaesthetic to the gums. This gave me a lot more confidence and I want to book it in now to see just how painless The Wand can be!

the wand


The Last Word

For all new patients they offer a comprehensive examination, clean, polish and fluoride as well as digital x-rays. You can read all about it on their website, along with other special offers for Ryde District Mums right here. Putney Dental Care also bulk bill for children eligible for the Medicare CDBS. This means that you do not have to pay a gap for your child’s dental treatment if you qualify. Check out the requirements here

I was left feeling impressed by the services and technology on offer at Putney Dental Care and wouldn’t hesitate to book in again. Thanks very much to Dr Danielle and the team for making me feel very comfortable. Hope to see you again soon, but not before 6 months!


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