6 Reasons Why Every Mumpreneur Needs a 1300/1800 Number

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Running a business in Australia comes with its fair share of challenges, but with the right business plan and opportunity, it’s more than possible for entrepreneurs to strike gold with their chosen venture. 

That said, mums, don’t expect money to fall in your lap from day one! It takes time to cultivate a business and bring it to profitable levels. And it’s not always a guarantee, especially if you’re not 100% committed to growing your company.

On top of everything, you have to ensure that business processes are set up and ready to go, from the permits to the marketing campaigns. It’s easy to overlook some of these processes, so we’ll highlight one very important one for you today: setting up a 1300/1800 number.

A personal number may feel sufficient for small business owners at the start of operations. However, if you plan to truly grow your company and turn it into a money-making machine, a 1300/1800 number is a potent and necessary tool you need in your business arsenal.

Want to know the exact benefits of owning a 1300/1800 number? Here are six reasons why every mumprenuer needs to consider getting a 1300/1800 for their business today.

Offers Operational Flexibility

A neat aspect about 1300/1800 numbers is that they come in various pricing plans. Depending on how your business is faring, you can upgrade or downsize your plan to meet the needs of your business by simply requesting the change on the provider’s website.

Newly launching a business? You can get a 1300/1800 number set up for you by companies like Telcoworks for around $20, with monthly fees starting at around $20 depending on the provider.

The starter cost typically allows you to pick a number and route calls to multiple lines. However, calls may be limited to a short time until you opt for higher plans.

These higher plans also allow you to accomplish much more. For instance, you can generate monthly reports and hold calls lasting longer than an hour or more for both local and national lines.

Higher pricing plans also allow you to avoid call connect charges and lock-in contracts. 

For ultra-large corporations that need multiple numbers, you can pay $40/month for a dedicated plan for your needs.

Elevates the Customer Service Experience

Calling a business only to be met with a busy line is a cause of many frustrations for the average customer. This frustration is usually common for customers contacting personal numbers.

By owning a 1300/1800 number, you can more easily manage and redirect calls and create a better customer service experience for your customers.

For the unaware, 1300/1800 numbers reroute calls to connected landline phones. Depending on your plan, you can connect multiple landline phones, essentially allowing your business to handle multiple queries coming from the same line.

This also makes it easier for your business to build its customer service team, depending on the demand and frequency of callers. 

As this department gets more fleshed out, you can increase your chances of having more pleasant exchanges with your customers, which is great for your reputation in the long run.

Bolsters Marketing Uniformity

As you’re likely well aware, each Australian territory and city has a different area code for local lines.

For instance, ACT and NSW have an area code of 02. Queensland has an area code of 07. Victoria and Tasmania have an area code of 03. The list goes on.

These area codes are part of the first string of local numbers in the area. If you’re using anything other than a 1300/1800 number, you’ll have to stick with these area code numbers.

A 1300/1800 number is often preferable since it’s something that customers from all across Australia can call without incurring national fees.

Furthermore, it also makes nationwide marketing operations easier since your team just has to use one, uniform number throughout their marketing campaigns.

Enables Nationwide Operations

Owning a 1300/1800 number is good for mumpreneurs who want their business to grow across all territories, not just home base. 

The reason why it’s so useful is because the number remains the same across all territories. 

If you decide to move to Sydney from Melbourne for instance, you don’t have to worry about setting up a local call number for that particular territory. You can simply use your current 1300/1800 number in your new place and make zero adjustments when doing so.

Not only does this make it easy for customers across the nation to contact your business, but it also makes it easier for your business to expand as they don’t have to worry about securing a separate local number from your area—which can potentially divide marketing efforts.

On top of that, it’s also easy for your business to handle customers in a central system—making it easier to standardise customer service and improve customer interactions.

Includes Essential Business Tools

Another benefit of owning a 1300/1800 number is that it offers mumpreneurs like you a suite of useful business features that can help in conducting operations, marketing, and driving growth.

For instance, one common feature a 1300/1800 number comes with is call forwarding. This feature ensures that no customer call goes unanswered, as long as there’s an open line.

Voicemail and email functionalities are also possible features you can take advantage of with these numbers.

Beyond the communication tools, you also have access to call analytics that can track your customer’s profile and behaviour, including call volume, durations, and origins. This can be useful for crafting a marketing strategy that truly resonates with your target market.

Projects a Professional Business Image

When people think of “mumpreneurs”, a lot of pessimistic folks may wrongly assume that your business is a small-scale, home-based venture that won’t amount to anything beyond the local community. This can be further perpetuated if you’re using a local number to answer customer queries.

If you want to differentiate your brand from any other small home-based venture, then applying for a 13/1800 number is a good way to reinforce your company’s legitimacy as an upstanding business.

In particular, a 1300/1800 number is often associated with larger, established companies, giving your small businesses an air of credibility and professionalism. This association can significantly influence customer perception, making your business appear more trustworthy and dependable. 

Furthermore, it also informs a knowledgeable subset of customers that your company has a strong customer service line. This can enhance your brand appeal even more, which can convert to loyal customers and more sales.