Julie Worsley, City of Ryde- Central Ward

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Julie Worsley (left)


Supporting Candidates

Paul Treacy, Mary McMillan, Gail Herring


Are you part or have you been part of a political party? If so, which one? 

Christian Democratic Party


Tell us a bit about you and your team?  What’s your day job?        

I’ve been a teacher with Dept Education all my working career, now retired. I’ve taught at Eastwood Public School and 21years at Eastwood Heights Public School.

Paul is involved in Education privately and has had experience in NSW Dept of Education.

Gail is also a teacher presently teaching 2 days a week in a local public school.

Mary is a home maker and carer.


What are some things you love about living in the area?    

Firstly the people. I’ve lived in Ryde for most of my life.. coming here at 5 years of age, leaving for a while as an adult and returning to the area in my thirties. I enjoy the community… good friends…and acquaintances. Serving and befriending others. Community and relationships are important to me. I also enjoy walking along the river at Meadowbank in an attempt to keep healthy. I loved working in the area and I love my Church and its community which meets at Meadowbank.


What do you believe to be the 3 main issues affecting our community?   

Three of my big concerns for our area are:

  1. Overdevelopment without the necessary infrastructure to support the increasing population, particularly as this relates to schools and overcrowding, lack of playground space.
  2. Traffic and Pedestrian flow.
  3. Need to protect our parks and green spaces and people’s Civic Centre land from sell off to developers.


What are the 3 key things you plan to achieve?       

  1. I note that Ryde Council’s Operational Depot, 1 Constitution Rd, Ryde, is being transferred to another venue. This land is adjacent to Meadowbank Public School. I would like to see this land be sold or leased to NSW Dept Education for exclusive use by the school. This is essential, as Meadowbank Public School population is already at capacity. When the thousands of empty surrounding new units become liveable it is a priority that the school be able to appropriately house the influx of students. I will work towards this outcome.
  2. Traffic and pedestrian flow particularly around stations in peak hour, and either side of Eastwood mall has become dangerous and frustrating as pedestrians continuously stream across road crossings, without giving traffic a turn. We propose to alleviate this by installing pedestrian timed traffic lights that count down the number of seconds that pedestrians have to wait until traffic lights stop the vehicles to allow pedestrians to cross.
  3. To protect existing residential dwellings, presently zoned R2, from being rezoned to allow for high rise. This is particularly needed South of Epping Road.


What about your long term vision for the area?      

A Brighter Ryde”… I see a Ryde in which families and individuals flourish, where people are connected with each other in a caring way; I see Ryde where residents are consulted regarding their own neighbourhoods and communities. I see Ryde having a local Council that truly represents the residents, communities and businesses and SERVES the community Actively and with Respect and utmost Integrity. I see Ryde, which is very much a multi-ethnic community, developing greater unity and understanding between people of diverse ethnicities; in which all work together for a successful, cohesive, smooth running and brighter Ryde.


How do you plan to influence state policy that impacts on our community?          

It is primarily NSW State Government policy that has repeatedly overruled Ryde Council planning controls, and has allowed for excessive levels of High Rise in our Community without necessary infrastructure. Ryde Council needs to strongly defend and represent the needs of its local Ryde residents to NSW State Government. Ryde Council needs to strongly represent our local neighbourhoods and communities at a State level. The story of No Council Amalgamations in Ryde, Hunters Hill and Lane Cove shows that success can be achieved, even though the process was taxing. (Christian Democratic Party has been standing strong and firm and actively fighting for communities against council amalgamations. We are pleased with the recent outcome).  


Email Julie at: julie.worsley@bigpond.com

Call Julie at: 0407 228 566